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July 2006

Home exchange gone sour

At the beginning of the year, when we started thinking of travelling to Canada, the discussion arose of doing a home exchange. We wanted to spend quite a lot of time in Toronto, and paying hotel bills in a city that size for the length of time that we wanted to stay was pretty much […] Read more

Flickr pics

Here’s one of the first pictures I took on our Canada vacation – in front of the St. Lawrence Market, on Front Street. I love that little triangular building between the two skyscrapers… and of course there’s the CN Tower – Toronto’s emblem – doing a peek-a-boo behind one of them. Hasty post today, but […] Read more

New world. paux fas. [sic]

Icelanders tend to go on and on about how amazing it is that all those second- and third generation Western Icelanders still speak Icelandic. [For the record, Western Icelanders are people of Icelandic descent who live in North America, whose ancestors emigrated primarily in the late 1800s because they were sick and tired of getting […] Read more


Snapped this at the delightful Kensington Market in Toronto, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city. We were staying very close to the substantially-more gentile St. Lawrence Market [read: no Roach-O-Rama shops], but made a few trips over to Kensington nonetheless. Am currently working on uploading more photos from our trip to Flickr. Stay […] Read more

How to be… une Canadienne

One of the perks of being socialized as a Canadian is having a rather large latent vocabulary in French. This became evident a few years ago when, after having lived away from Canada for over a decade, I was in Paris with EPI and much to my surprise I was able to decipher all the […] Read more


Going back to Canada was a fairly emotional experience for me, if the truth be told. Except for the briefest of trips there in 2000 [I was in New York at the time and just flew up to Kingston for a couple of days] I had not been back for 16 years. Returning now made […] Read more

Vacation abridged

Back home in Niceland now and the immortal words of the Talking Heads: I ask myself – how did I get here?? are too apt. Because the getting here part is kind of a blur. Must be the jetlag. Be that as it may, as you may have surmised – by my absence of blog […] Read more

In which I rave about Bonnie Raitt

Had the privilege of attending an event last night that was billed as a concert but that was more like being in the company of your goofiest, most infinitely talented best friend providing one of the most entertaining evenings of your life. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s the best […] Read more

Word Cup fever

Little ItalyOriginally uploaded by Alda Kalda. Just before we left on this trip, EPI delicately broached the subject of the World Cup. EPI: [Nonchalantly] So… the World Cup finals will be while we’re in Toronto….YT: Oh, too bad! They don’t play soccer over there so you won’t be able to watch them.EPI: [Turning pale] Surely […] Read more

BB&AAH Originally uploaded by Alda Kalda. My mother has a farm near Kingston Ontario, where she breeds Icelandic sheep. We have visited, and left AAH behind, where her chores among other things will be to feed the Bottle Baby, prosaically enough named BB. We also visited some wonderful friends at their cottage for an afternoon, […] Read more