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August 2006

Wake up, vote for Magni!

Well, the Icelandic nation is currently showing the sort of solidarity normally reserved for volcanic eruptions, avalanches, earthquakes, or some other calamity. The cause? Our Magni is one of six contestants left in rockstarsupernova, and the last two weeks he has been in the bottom three [but managed to avoid the axe]. So over the […] Read more


If you followed the link I provided last post – the one tracking back to the ‘goat groping’ – you’d likely have seen that directly beneath the original post, someone had responded with this message: “If you want to have some fun with this self-important twat, post a comment on her blog saying, Aron Palmi […] Read more

Newsflash: Ram groping excites world media

Yeah, so remember a couple of days ago, my post about the ram-groping contest? Evidently the word has spread around the world like wildfire and suddenly everybody and their dog wants to know more about groping rams. Especially everybody and their dog in the interational media. But… just how would all those pundits know about […] Read more

* I think Magni should come home. I don’t like the company he’s keeping. * In the last episode, the show’s producers sent in vipers in the form of ‘journalists’ whose main purpose is clearly to poison all the contestants against each other, so we the voyeuristic public can see some scandalous footage. Then they […] Read more

Grope a ram, win a prize!

AAH and friends Originally uploaded by Alda Kalda. You’ll be happy to know that the annual ram groping contest will be held on Strandir [northeast Iceland] this coming weekend. Ram groping, apparently, is a recognized sport up there. The contest is divided into two categories, one for experienced and another for inexperienced gropers. It is […] Read more

Perfect day

Grótta lighthouseOriginally uploaded by Alda Kalda. What an excellent day yesterday: Reykjavík Culture Night. In the past few years these have surpassed our National Day [17 June] as the biggest party of the summer – and yesterday was no exception. When this started, a few years ago, the party was just in the evening as […] Read more

Any excuse for a party

… a.k.a. Reykjavík Culture Night, is upon us once again. Huzzah! I shall return with news from the front lines. IN THE MEANTIME:Scattered clouds, winds from the southeast 5-10 metres per second, temps 10-17°C. Sunrise 05.30, sunset 21.34.

In the family way

First: apropos the last post, in which I vowed to let you know of the ‘remarkable’ event that was s’posed to happen on Supernovarockstar last night [which had been hinted at on this website, among others]… well I watched and watched and watched real carefully… and nothing happened. The only vaguely remarkable thing was that […] Read more


So the Icelandic nation is holding its collective breath, now that our man Magni is among the top eight finalists in Rock Star Supernova. Because as you may know, the victory of one Icelander is a victory for the entire nation [or something]. Never mind that the show is about as manufactured, commercialized and prone […] Read more

Þingvellir rejuvenation

Was feeling a bit poorly yesterday [tired, under the weather] so EPI and I decided to head to Þingvellir to visit his brother and sister-in-law, who bought a cottage there a few months back. Þingvellir, incidentally, is where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates are pulling apart at a rate of around 1 cm per […] Read more