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September 2006

Magni, Dilana, Rudy, and stars

THE STARSThursday night’s darkening of Reykjavík was a big disappointment – although a worthwhile experiment that with any luck will be done again. But next time if the glaring pizza joints and blinding video stores and floodlit sports arenas and thousands of motorists [that just had to be on the move for that particular half […] Read more

Lights out!

So, as I keep banging on about, tonight’s the night when all the streetlights in Reykjavík and beyond will be turned off for half an hour to allow us to enjoy that commodity so precious in our light-saturated cities: darkness.* All the communities in the southern Faxaflói bay area, including Keflavík/Reykjanesbær, the Greater Reykjavík Area, […] Read more

Politics made simple

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from my favourite cartoonist [from Blaðið] but here’s one that’s kinda good. A couple of days ago it was announced that the government parties have reached a consensus to reduce food prices by lowering sales tax on food. [Yes you read that right – we actually have […] Read more

Roach alert!

Fréttablaðið on Saturday had a rather mammoth headline on its front cover: KAKKALAKKAFARALDURSHÆTTA[Would you care to say it out loud? G’head, I’ll wait…] Personally I think it’s the most superexcellent headline ever used in an Icelandic newspaper, if only because the journalist was clearly amusing himself or herself by constructing this rather lengthy word, that […] Read more

Frankenstein’s helper

AAH’s orthodontist, a.k.a. Dr. Frankenstein, has me performing a gruesome task at the moment: prying apart her palate twice a day with a metal screw he’s attached to the roof of her mouth. Frankenstein has determined that AAH’s palate is too narrow to accomodate her teeth [‘dental crowding’ they call it; hence the requirement for […] Read more

Magni demigod

As every blogger knows, Site Meter can come up with some priceless Google searches. Today, amongst the ubiquitous ‘iceland weather’ and ‘magni supernova’, SM delivered up a handful of gems that somehow landed on the Iceland Weather Report page: hardcore sex uterus close up picture free … Come again?? – Or on second thought, no. […] Read more

There are so many jobs available here in Iceland right now it’s ridiculous. According to official figures, 4000 people are needed to fill current vacancies. Everywhere you go – the local bakery, video store, supermarket… there are job advertisements in the window. Bónus has promised a … um, bonus of ISK 50,000 [USD 715 / […] Read more

German rapture

Once upon a time, artists and musicians of international renown were an absolute rarity in Iceland. If someone famous deigned to visit our fair country and – wonders! – even played a concert or held an exhibition, the entire nation was profoundly humbled and filled with gratitude. Then came Björk and all that changed. The […] Read more

Good evening starshine!

How’s this for a cool idea: The organizers of the Reykjavík Film Festival [the second film festival to open in the capital this month] have convinced Reykjavík authorities to turn off all city lights for half an hour on September 28 – the opening day of the festival. The reason? So that city residents can […] Read more

Magnisupernovarockstar again

So here I was all ready to drop the Magnisupernovarockstar thing but dang! there’s just too much to tell. I mean, rockstarsupernova was adequate blog fodder and all, but believe me: now is when all the dirt is being dished. It’s only been two days but already any media worth its salt has published/broadcast a […] Read more