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September 2006

Supernova bye-bye!

The suspense is over: our man Magni landed in fourth place in the rockstarsupernova circus last night. Phew! It was a close call, but in the end Canada’s own Lukas Rossi stood up as the frontman of the band that in future will be known as The Band Formerly Known as Supernova.* Anyway, Magni is […] Read more

So here I was, all happy and secure in the conviction that I could have a good, sound sleep tonight – in other words that I wouldn’t have to wake up and vote for Magni again. Last week’s Rock Star Supernova episode was supposed to be the last one in which the global audience could […] Read more

9/11 remembered

September 11. The day that changed our world. Where were you then? I was working at the British Embassy and was in the kitchen having lunch with a couple of colleagues. We were in pretty good spirits because a lunch appointment had fallen through and so the yummy sandwiches and stuff that had been bought […] Read more

Thong thief

Interesting bit of news on the Morgunblaðið website this week: a panty thief was apprehended in the west end of the city, in the laundry room of an apartment building. The news item saw also stated that this wasn’t the first time the thief had been caught in that particular building. I haven’t contacted any […] Read more


I normally don’t write about things that aren’t specific to Iceland [unless of course they’re to do with my own navel]… by which I mean I try to steer away from commenting on global events, simply because there are many others that do that much better than I. But tonight I must make an exception […] Read more


Second-last episode of Rockstarsupernova this evening, and the Icelandic nation is holding its collective breath to see how our man Magni does. It’s quite a fascinating social study – the most unlikely people are completely absorbed by the whole spectacle and Magni’s part in it. Never mind that most are ambivalent at best about whether […] Read more

On Saturday, when we were returning from our nature walk, EPI’s daughter [a.k.a. Barbie the beautiful] called. She’s working at one of the finer hotels in the city and had been approached by a foreign couple who wanted to take some fashion shots with a girl aged 16-20 and some Icelandic scenery in the background […] Read more

What we’ve been up to

It’s been a busy week. We had friends staying from the UK [Jon and Dominique, aka ‘the perfect houseguests’] and they allowed themselves to be dragged all over the south country by us the zealous Nicelanders intent on proving that our sights exceed all others in their sheer magnificence and gorgeousness. In other words, they […] Read more

How much is that blog in the window?

Let all dead lice drop from my head!* Would you believe that someone is actually willing to pay real live money to have The Iceland Weather Report appear on their website? And would you believe that someone else is actually willing to pay our YT oodles of money if she consents to be their in-house […] Read more