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October 2006

If it makes you want to pee, is it art?

Here’s a wee story from the onions-protruding-from-the-anus school of fine arts. Picture this: You’re a first-year student in the Drama Department at the Iceland Academy for the Arts. You’re in a class entitled ‘Education and Praxis’ and your group of three guys and one girl has one hour to come up with a scenario depicting […] Read more

Don’t they come with a manual?

Saturday afternoon. Young AAH approaches her mother in the kitchen. AAH: Can I sleep over at [boyfriends’] tonight? YT: […?] AAH: [hastily] His parents will be home. His mother wants to talk to you. YT: So you mean … sleep in separate rooms? AAH: [indignant] No… YT: Sleep together? AAH: Well, you know, not sleep […] Read more

Don’t get out much, but when I do…

Today was one of those days that managed to be action-packed and full of fun and completely free of stress. [Well, almost. There was one moment when we were just going out the door and were already very late and EPI’s cell phone rang and he tried to talk intensively on it with his shoulder […] Read more

Behold my new template

I confess: I am really an html genius. Masquerading as a weathergirl. Huzzah!!

Being still is not an option

AAH brought home the new Outkast, and now I cannot stop dancing to this.* RAINY SLEETY WINDY LESS COLD… Is the summary of today’s weather. It rained buckets all day long, except when it turned to sleet; it was windy but not as cold as yesterday. Right now 2°C; sunrise was at 08.51, sunset at […] Read more

The mystery of the disappearing neighbours

Remember my neighbours? The ones with the ferocious dog, the tattooed arms and the unholy shouting in the night? The ones from this post? Curiously, just a few days after that post appeared, my neighbours … disappeared. That is to say, they no longer appeared to be residing in their flat. No screams in the […] Read more

Being a lazy bum, I did not get out to see any of a) the Iceland Airwaves festival, b) the Sequences festival c) the Canadian cultural festival, all of which were on simultaneously this weekend. Not so old Harrison Ford, who turned up on the cube last Thursday, went to dinner at Austur Indía fjélagið […] Read more

What’s whale worth?

So Iceland decided that it would resume commercial whaling at midnight last night. The announcement came more or less out of the blue [there had been talk of it, but personally I didn’t think it would happen so soon], and without fanfare. There was certainly a flurry of activity in its wake – the media […] Read more


Last week, when Yoko Ono was here doing her peace column thing, who should also turn up on the ice cube* but one May Pang, who happened to be the woman John Lennon took up with when he and Yoko broke up all those years ago [she was actually their personal assistant, and it was […] Read more

Iceland has trees

I offer this as evidence: … As well as this: These were taken in the Elliðaárdalur valley, in the east end of Reykjavík, a couple of weekends ago, when the leaves were just starting to change colour and the sun was turning everything golden and sublime. Ellðaárdalur is one of Reykjavík’s most lovely spots; it […] Read more