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November 2006

Of concerts and prophets and storm

Remember Rockstarsupernova? That had the Icelandic nation in it’s vice-like grip last summer, all on account of third cousin Magni being a contestant? If you do, you’ll also remember that our Magni came in fourth on account of the entire Nicelandic nation staying up nights to vote for him. And when it was all over, […] Read more

Hearing and seeing

Almost got clipped on the head today by a private jet that was taking off from Reykjavík airport [I wish they’d move that damn thing to some out-of-the-way place!] and figured it was probably one of our billionaires going off to do their World Domination thing – or else old Harrison Ford*. This, in turn, […] Read more

Creepy mousie

Remember our criminal ex-neighbours? Mr Aggressive – the abusive one with the doberman and the nasty tattoos, who was always shouting at his skinny little girlfriend in between smashing things up? If you’ll recall, they broke up and all went blissfully quiet for a while, except that she kept returning once a day with the […] Read more

Nothing but a heartache, every day…*

The third annual Gullkind [Golden Sheep] awards – Iceland’s version of the Golden Raspberry – were handed out yesterday. Some notable winners: Honorary prize – Árni Johnsen. “For having shit up his back all day long but still carrying on.” Bravo! Cock-up of the year – Silvía Nótt in Eurovision. Event of the year – […] Read more

The BBC are on to us….

Today the United Kingdom – tomorrow the world! Mwahahahahaha…. MEANWHILE THE WEATHER IS CONDUCIVE TO WORLD DOMINATIONBeing as it is mild and calm, although seriously dark skies in the south, meaning we’ll soon have precipitation and it probably won’t be snow. Which means there will be slush on the ground. In copious amounts as the […] Read more

Who says looks matter?

I have no idea who these people are, but they sure do like my previous post about Árni Johnsen. My site traffic has skyrocketed today on account of a link they’ve posted. Vielen Dank, kind German people! I have to say that I find their minimalist site design rather avant-garde. Clearly attracting thousands [I presume] […] Read more

Corruption, thy name is Árni Johnsen

The most incredible farce has been playing itself out here in Niceland – a farce starring a former parliamentarian named Árni Johnsen. This guy was an MP for the [ruling] Independence Party a few years back. He was a bit like the class buffoon – always grinning and happy-go-lucky, the sort of guy that made […] Read more

AT THE CHECK-OUT IN STUPID OLD NÓATÚN, EPISODE 286 Went to s. o. Nóatún today to pick up a few things. Normally I try to avoid the place, but the massive snowfall we had last night made it impossible to move the car [read: it is still on summer tires] and even walking was a […] Read more

I had one of the most traumatic experiences of my life today when EPI and I ventured out to the new IKEA they just opened in Garðabær [near Reykjavík]. Of course nothing less than the biggest IKEA anywhere in the Nordic countries would do for the shop-happy Nicelanders, never mind that our nation is about […] Read more


My dear father and his lovely wife unexpectedly dropped by this evening to bestow on EPI and YT Icelandair gift certificates valid to any European destination. Wedding present. [Making us feel very guilty for not having thrown a party yet.] And being the troupers they are, they’ve even included babysitting. How sweet is that?? So […] Read more