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December 2006

More Yule…

Right. As promised, here is more on our Yule, from the list in this post. #10 THE CHRISTMAS BOOK FLOOD Did you know Iceland sells more books per capita than any other nation in the world? And very proud we are of this fact, too. Probably around 90 percent of the books sold [I don’t […] Read more

Yule requests addressed

Many thanks to Pharmacy Trainee, Rozanne and Tim, who were all curious to know more about parts of yesterday’s Yule listing, thus mercifully sparing YT the effort of actually having to think of what to post. For as I’ve explained, the grey matter isnt’ quite up to scratch these days, what with a mere four […] Read more

24 fings wot make Yule Yulenique, like

I don’t know about you, but for me the Advent seems to revolve around lists: the Christmas card list, the presents-to-buy list, the numerous to-do lists, the wish list, endless shopping lists, etcetera. Not that I’m knocking this phenomena. Lists are good, particularly when you’re feeling listless. In fact, if it weren’t for my lists […] Read more


I went to a funeral today. It was for a man who had lived a long life, a full life, and who was loved by a lot of people. He was nearly blind and nearly deaf, but his faculties were all intact. When he became ill a couple of weeks ago, he decided that he […] Read more

Little yellow art seed thingy

During last Sunday’s outing, EPI and I chanced into the Kling & Bang art gallery on Laugavegur. The exhibition they had one was called ‘Art Distribution’ or similar and basically consisted of a bunch of photographs of this little yellow art thingy in various different settings. On leaving – surprise! – we were presented with […] Read more

An… what?

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and came home with possibly the largest pineapple I have ever seen. I deposited it on the kitchen counter and went to my little office to do some work. On returning, I was rather taken aback to find another, smaller, pineapple sitting right next to it. [Dumdum.] Dismissing the […] Read more

A little fun by a self-important twat*

Interesting developments here at the Weather Report yesterday. Someone who clearly has a very popular blog posted a link to one of my posts. Since then, between 400-500 [mostly] Nicelanders have logged on to read about the Iceland Weather Report’s dealings with Paul F. Nikolov [who also goes by the name of Paul Fontaine]. For […] Read more


Today was the first Sunday in Advent, marking the first of four weekends leading up to Christmas. Advent marks the official start of the Christmas season here in Iceland and this is when things start getting magical: when lights start appearing everywhere, shining out of the winter darkness, when traditions are observed, when concerts abound, […] Read more

Bond rediscovered

EPI and I went out to see Casino Royale tonight and had an absolute blast. What a great film! Thrills and chills, humour, great dialogue, script, acting, cinematography, locations… seriously, this film had it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard good thing about it, but previous forays into James Bondland had left me […] Read more