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January 2007

Even spammers get the blues

Okay. Do NOT ask me to recount the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat handball game between Iceland and Denmark just now. The one where the score was practically even the whole way through, where Iceland was almost always one goal behind Denmark [except when they were one goal over], who managed to tie the game in the last […] Read more


Hitherto, YT has not been known for her knitting prowess. Nonetheless I did manage to put together one Nicelandic sweater in the last couple of years that turned out so well that AAH actually requested one for herself. [By bizarre coincidence, they also happen to be trendy right now.] Now, not being the sort of […] Read more

Not a present for your friends to open

So the local satirists have been having a field day with old Elton John’s appearance at the birthday party of one of Iceland’s nouveau riche last weekend. My favourite cartoonist drew a toon in Blaðið in which old Elton was in a queue with some African orphans, asking “Is this where you apply for grants […] Read more

Wholesale greed

Picture this: the Nicelandic government does the unthinkable, and lowers VAT* on food. The masses rejoice; after all, if you’ve spent any length of time here you’ll know that the most costly part of living in this most expensive of countries is the grocery bill. So the changes are due to be implemented on March […] Read more

YT at the moovies

Went to see Apocalypto last night. It wasn’t at the top of my list of films to see, but as the decision wasn’t really mine to make and I was sort of neutral about seeing it, I decided to tag along with EPI and R [EPI’s youngest daughter]. Now, YT is no wuss, and I’d […] Read more

In which YT enthuses

ABOUT MOO CARDSI love my little moo cards. For those who don’t know, moo cards are little cards you can order online using your flickr [or any other] images – they cost 20 bucks [US] plus shipping, and you can add text to the back to make them into your little cutomized calling cards. I […] Read more

Where are all the money trees?

Back in the days, Iceland was a classless society. Everyone was equal [generally speaking] and everyone also earned approximately the same amount. In other words, the economic division between people was minimal. Lately, Icelandic society has been awash with reports of such excesses in spending that the mind positively boggles. Let’s take the banks: last […] Read more

It’s feed your man putrid shark day again

That’s correct: today is the day known as bóndadagur, which literally translates as ‘man-of-the-house day’ or ‘husband’s day’ or ‘farmer’s day’ depending on how you want to interpret the word bóndi. This means you’re supposed to treat your husband or boyfriend to a whole bunch of nice things – kind of like Valentine’s Day, only […] Read more

Shiny happy people

So, I got to thinking today that maybe I’d seemed kind of underwhelmed by my Swampy award yesterday because I wasn’t jumping all around the place going I WON I WON I WON I WON… like I probably should have, because I really did feel very happy about it. Just as, you know, you feel […] Read more

And the Swampy goes to….

The esteemed ‘Tim Stannard’ [real name Timbo] of Timboland, has declared The Iceland Weather Report the recipient of his 2006 Swampy Award for Best Non-British Blog. Whoo-hoo! SoonthisoccasionIwouldliketothankmyeighthgradeEnglishteacherMr… Eh? Time’s up? Waddayamean time’s up?? I only just got my… mfbldungsnmdg…. Thanks Tim! OK. BACK TO BUSINESS.So I went out yesterday morning all surreptitious like to […] Read more