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January 2007

It’s always the innocent ones

Remember our meth-head neighbours? The ones that provided hours of gratuitous entertainment in September-October-November … except when they were blasting techno-music, fighting, or breaking into our place to steal our stuff … which, come to think of it, was most of the time Anyway, they left this behind: That’s right. Caught in the middle of […] Read more


Guess what this means: … YT kicks ass in Trivial Pursuit. Guess what this means: … It’s pickled whale blubber season again [yum!]. Guess what this means: … It’s good to be inside. [Thesuncameupat11.00andsetat16.14]

No cash, please, we’re Icelandic

One of the biggest social issues around here these days [almost as big as Magni and Eyrún’s separation] is whether Iceland should ditch the króna and take up the Euro. There seems to be no end to the debate about this, and now one of the investment banks has taken the initiative and will be […] Read more

What sort of perversion is this??

In my post a couple of days ago about Little Miss Sunshine, I mentioned in the comments box that, on leaving the theatre, EPI and I were discussing whether the sort of childrens’ beauty pageants portrayed in the film actually exist. I said I thought they did, and cited the JonBenet case, in which a […] Read more

This one’s for you: Magni’s leaving Iceland this weekend to go on a 6-7 week, 28-concert tour throughout the US and Canada with Toby’s band Juke Kartel. Dilana and Toby [obviously] are also on board. For some obscure reason they’re opening for this band called Supernova. He has applied to become the regular guitarist of […] Read more

The meaning of the quote

Remember the other day when I was feeling particularly reflective? I left you with my favourite quote: I have willed to go forward, and have not advanced beyond the borders of my grave. Paul left a comment in which he metaphorically scratched his head over YT’s vagueness. As well he might. The thing is, I’ve […] Read more

All hail the green light

It’s now official: our very own Magni and his girlfriend Eyrún have announced their separation, having “grown apart emotionally” following Magni’s rise to Supernova stardom this past summer. Did I not see this coming? I did. Not that being able to say ‘I told you so’ gives me any satisfaction [much]. Magni and Eyrún were […] Read more


Today my darling daughter called up her school and pretended to be me. She even gave my ten-digit kennitala [social security number] as absolute proof of her identity [because obviously nobody can remember my ten-digit kennitala but me]. Apparently I [a.k.a. she] told the secretary that she [a.k.a. she] had an urgent need to skip […] Read more

10.50 pm. To my right, two lit candles. I’ve just enjoyed a glass of red wine – spoils of the Yuletide season. EPI is in the other room – faint echoes of his guitar reach me. AAH is already in bed – school starts tomorrow. Polly the cockatiel has also been tucked away for the […] Read more

A bunch of incoherent thoughts and factoids

We now have a new year. It’s called 2007. Pollution levels in Reykjavík surpassed all records on New Year’s Eve, on account of the excellent weather we were having. There was hardly a breeze, which meant that all the shooting up of fireworks [a fifth more than last year, which was a record year] created […] Read more