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February 2007

Visitor number 100,000 …

… is from Holland, Michigan, and came through the search engine ask.com on the oh-so predictable search words ‘iceland weather’. Whoo-hoo!! You, poor unsuspecting Iceland-weather enquirer, are hereby presented with this lovely bouquet of red roses: … And because this is the Iceland Weather Report, not Champagne but half a bottle of cod liver oil*: […] Read more

Porno dog go home

Few things have occupied the Icelandic nation in the last couple of weeks like a planned pornography trade fair that was to take place here at the beginning of March. Actually, during the course of the hoopla it changed from being a trade fair, to being a conference, to being a networking event. In the […] Read more

Burning down the house

A week ago yesterday, EPI, AAH and I all came rushing out of our respective rooms at approximately the same time. Reason: we’d all noticed an intense smell of burning. It was strong enough for us to believe it might be somewhere in the apartment, hence our immediate sense of panic. The smell, however, came […] Read more

It must be love

See these? They’re dried veggies normally used in traditional Icelandic kjötsúpa, meat soup made with lamb: The last time we made meat soup for dinner, EPI wanted to get some of these dried veggies and I made a face because I don’t like the taste of the dried carrots [the red bits]. They go all […] Read more

Where to?

I have to say I’m feeling slightly directionless in terms of this blog at the moment. After the activity around here this week and my own personal turmoil, going back to posting trivial things about the weather or Nicelandic celebrity visits or cream puff day, or eat-till-you-explode day or what-evah, seems really silly. Yesterday I […] Read more

Moving on

My, what a sharp little turn this blog has suddenly taken! When I started blogging just over two years ago, I didn’t imagine I’d be sharing the things I did in the last post. Not because I particularly wanted to keep them hidden, but because they really had no place in my life anymore. The […] Read more


When I was five years old, my parents separated. At the time we were living in Reykjavík, in a one-bedroom condominium on which my parents had recently put a small down payment. To flee the fallout from the separation, my mother travelled to Canada to visit my aunt – her sister – who was married […] Read more

Something for the weekend

1. Go to see Russian Terem Quartet in Salurinn this evening. According to Wikipedia they play “repertoire from both folk and classical genres at a frantic pace and with humorous attitude” – just what the doctor ordered. Plus everybody’s raving about them. 2. Sleep. Been somewhat deprived of that lately. 3. Work. Has fallen by […] Read more

In the meantime…

Jude Law is in town with his kids [on Valentine’s Day, gasp!] and was spotted cavorting with them in the Laugardalslaug swimming pool yesterday. According to reports he was chatty and amiable and acted like, you know, just one of the common people. Which of course begs the question: did he or didn’t he get […] Read more

Defining the impossible

“When there is something so enormous to be said … which can’t be said, then silence is the only possibility.” – Fay Weldon, Down Among the Women. I have thought of this quote frequently over the last few days, as I have been drawn to this online journal I keep. Yet when I have sat […] Read more