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March 2007

Hot property. Or not.

So the other day I sat browsing the property ads in the newspaper, you know, as you do, when my eye alighted on an ad for a condo downtown. In the most glowing terms it described the property, gorgeous this, stunning that, bla bla bla, and the the final pièce de résistance, which was its […] Read more

The Lady does it in slow-mo

Went to see our third film tonight at the French Film Festival: Lady Chatterley, a.k.a. Where They Fuck All Over the Forest and then Fall In Love. It won a slew of French César awards, including best film and best actress, and seeing as how I’m a fan of French films and moreover of Lady […] Read more

On baring your soul

Here in Niceland there’s a current affairs programme called Kastljós that is on after the news each day. It’s had its ups and downs, but with the current crew on board it is almost always excellent. Not so long ago, they did a series of interviews with grown men who as children were placed in […] Read more

Soon after my mother and I moved to Canada, she met a man. He was quite a bit older than she, was a professor at the Royal Military College, spoke with a British accent and was in the process of separating from his wife. He’d come and spend nights at our place and he was […] Read more

EPI the storyteller

So, we went to the French movie tonight that we meant to go to on Wednesday [see previous post] which turns out is called Tell No One in English and which was excellent. Excellent! It had it all – suspense, depth of feeling, humour, style, cleverness, superb acting and directing and production … one of […] Read more

Le happy ending

Last night, EPI and I decided to take in a movie. There’s a French film festival currently on [organized by the superactive Alliance Francais – props to them] and because EPI and I share an enthusiasm for French films we were both really looking forward to it. The film was called Ne Le Dis à […] Read more

Here in Iceland, when someone dies, certain rituals take place [as I’ve explained before]. One of those is the open casket ceremony, usually held a couple of days before the funeral. This is a small and intimate event, reserved for the immediate family and close friends of the deceased. The mourners gather in a small […] Read more

A post about the weather, of all things…

It’s been pretty windy and miserable these last few days. This photo was taken a few days ago out at the golf course where I like to imbibe my daily dose of fresh air … you can’t really tell, but it was so windy that in some gusts I had a hard time keeping my […] Read more

Shock and alarm

I have to say that I was both shocked and alarmed to open the paper today and read that a young woman had been raped in a downstairs toilet at Hótel Saga just after midnight on Friday night [i.e. early Saturday morning]. That just happened to be where AAH was at exactly the same time, […] Read more

Lock up your dogs

You know, not to bang on about this or anything, but my porno dog-seeking friend from Turkey just does not give up. Every day, several times a day, he logs on looking for ‘porno dog’, and each time he lands here. Apparently he’s got a lot of kindred spirits out there. In the last hour […] Read more