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April 2007

I rest my case

This google search just in: ‘wery big asses porno’  ~ MEANWHILE, THERE’S NO STOPPING THE SPRINGTIME WEATHER Today was a gorgeous day – the sort of day you want to head to Laugavegur, the only half-decent shopping area in Niceland that isn’t an indoor mall. Laugavegur is great on sunny days – everyone is in […] Read more

Dinner conversation of the absurd II

Last night as we were enjoying one of those ridiculously delicious meals that EPI and I enjoy on a regular basis* we had a conversation about the latest Paul Auster novel, which EPI gave me for Christmas and which he is now reading. First. EPI: I don’t know about that opening line, though: “I was […] Read more

From the mouths of babes

Hey, so, last week I get this email, right? And it’s from this guy named Andrew with this email address that starts with ‘wellhungover’ and then the @ and I’ll saynomore. And he works for, like, this big London newspaper, and I won’t name any names? But it’s a broadsheet and it starts with an […] Read more

Dinner conversation of the absurd

So I’m getting all restless to start traveling around Iceland this summer, partly exacerbated by this assignment I’m working on that describes various Nicelandic locations in the most glowing terms. I remarked on this to EPI at dinner. EPI: I heard an interview with Björk this morning where she described herself as a singer and […] Read more

Uh, okay …

[I’m not going to ask.] IN OTHER NEWS:I’m sure many of you will be thrilled to know that Polly the cockatiel has laid another two hazelnuts, bringing her clutch to four. She sits on them very diligently and at this rate they are sure to hatch any day now. AND BECAUSE I KNOW YOU’RE HERE […] Read more

Conspiracies and nasty fabrications, oh

So, The Iceland Weather Report has been the focus of considerable attention over the past few days. Thursday we had just over 1,400 hits to the site in one day, mostly to this post, and this. [Although this would probably have provided better information.] Basically, the matter revolves around one Paul Nikolov [who also goes […] Read more

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

So the First Day of Summer came and went yesterday and happily we had frost in the night. This guarantees that our summer will be superexcellent, in the same way that in modern American mythology the groundhog’s shadow guarantees another dreary six weeks of winter. As everyone knows, this is foolproof. It started out freezing […] Read more

Nut Babies, or Hope Springs Eternal

It’s been ages since I reported on the escapades of Polly the cockatiel – so long in fact that many of my readers probably have no idea that Polly the tiel even exists and is an integral part of the YT household. As some readers may recall [has anyone been reading that long?] Polly entered […] Read more

Some beauty pageants you just gotta love

Those crafty beauty conoisseurs up in the West Fjords are at it again. First, they gave the world the ram groping contest – now, there is the Untamed Beauty contest in which cellulite, wrinkles, baldness, sagging boobs, etc. actually count as assets. Among the 14 contestants in the pageant – which will be held Wednesday […] Read more

You know what gives me great satisfaction? Taking off a worn-out pair of socks and throwing them directly into the garbage because they have a hole in them. Disposable socks. What a great feeling that is. [Yawn.] Now, if you’ve surmised that the above means that my life is excruciatingly dull right now, you are […] Read more