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May 2007

A long post about me.me

YT is not a big fan of memes, but this one that’s been making the rounds in the blogsphere kind of has me intrigued. I first saw it over on V’s blog, then on Rozanne’s, and when she offered to craft questions for anyone who was interested, I raised my proverbial hand and went, ‘mememememe!’ […] Read more

EPI gets left behind

Back to civilization now. Three days in the [semi-] outback was not nearly enough, which is precisely what EPI thought which is why he’s still there. All by his lonesome. With his easel, collection of paints, electric guitar, amplifier and various other toys and paraphernalia. Will he miss us? He says he will, but I […] Read more


I’m taking off for a few days for some well-earned r&r. If you need me, I’ll be here, or here, or here. Ta-rah!

So after not being able to log on to the Weather Report for two consecutive days, I now have a new hero: Joseph from the last comment thread, who actually went to the trouble of taking screenshots from his PC and sending me in order to demonstrate how I could fix the problem. This worked […] Read more

Boy, was I ever going to be clever tonight and fiddle around a bit with nameservers and such over at my service provider’s place. Yeah. I know. Note to self: do not fiddle around with nameservers and such before you know what the hell you’re doing! See, I’m ditching my service provider and have two […] Read more

YT does cultcha

I have imbibed so much culture this week that I’ve even started to butter my crackers with a decidedly artistic flair. Do you think they’ll invite me to exhibit my Crispbread-and-Bird motifs at the Reykjavík Arts Festival next year?? I do. Anyway, just got back from the theatah – went to see a play called […] Read more

American Consumer

Okay, so we have a new government coalition happening here in Niceland and yes, one is Very Pleased Indeed. They dissolved the 12-year coalition between the Parties Progressive and Independence yesterday, and we’re now looking at a coalition between the Social Democratic Alliance and the Independence Party. This, to many people, is the ideal coalition […] Read more

Highbrow and lowbrow

Went to see Spideyman 3 this evening with AAH. On the way back home I noticed there was a sunset happening out at Grótta so I went and grabbed my camera, plus EPI, and we headed out there for a boo. It was fairly spectacular and everything, but EPI went on the whole time about […] Read more

Picky picky

You know, by and large I adore Icelandic men. I find them open-minded, liberal, kind and hard-working, with no qualms about cooking, cleaning, or going out for walks by themselves pushing a pram. Plus many of them have an excellent sense of humour. However – and again, we’re talking sweeping generalization here – they do […] Read more

Well, the giant marionette came and went. It was the opening act of the Reykjavík Arts Festival and is actually the product of the French street theatre company Royal de Luxe. The story behind it was that this ill-tempered giant was on the loose in the city, destroying cars and such, and his daughter was […] Read more