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July 2007

Is now available for your viewing pleasure. A proper travelogue shall be posted very soon. PS. It’s raining.

[More to come … ]

Headed for the hills

We’re off to scale a mountain or two. Bis bald!

All Hail Niceland Express

Notice anything new? No? Look around a bit more. [dumdum…] Oh all right – I have a new graphic ad in my sidebar. See it? That’s right, I’ve sold my soul to Iceland Express, and very happy I am about it, too. I think every blogger should have graphic ads on their blog as long […] Read more


A couple of days ago, V. was kind enough to bestow on me something called a ‘Blogging Community Involvement’ award, because apparently my blog has the ‘power of schmooze’. I have no idea what that is or where the ‘award’ comes from, but no matter – V’s kind words accompanying the accolade are the true […] Read more

In praise of bad service

Went out with my friend Sandy tonight, who is visiting from Canada and who I haven’t seen in about eight years. We became friends about 13 years ago, when I’d just moved back to Niceland and had my first whiplash injury [have I ever mentioned that the Icelanders have the most horrific traffic culture in […] Read more

I wonder what exactly we’ve done to deserve such excellent weather day after day after day. I can’t remember the last time we had rain; it’s been sunny practically ever since my relatives from Canada were here, which makes it exactly one full month of sunshine. And this while other parts of the world are […] Read more

A soppy engagement story

Here’s a heartwarming story from the back page of Morgunbladid today: this young Swiss couple got their rented vehicle stuck in the middle of the Krossá river in Þórsmörk last Sunday [Þórsmörk is one of Iceland’s most incredibly beautiful locations, but you have to cross rivers to get there and they can be treacherous … […] Read more

Friends, I have deprived you long enough of the googlies* that have drifted upon my shores these past weeks. So without further ado, here are some of the more, ahem, curious specimens.icelandic smoked fish sheep poo (from Newham, Stratford)Mmmm … is there no end to Nicelandic delicacies? Photo of Icelandic girl milk shower(from Sweden)Yes – […] Read more

Iceland eats Burgernomics for breakfast

Once again, Iceland has been awarded the dubious honour of being at the top of the Big Mac index. What this means, in practice, is that a Big Mac costs more here than in any other country in the world. I wonder if there is any connection between this and the fact that McDonald’s food […] Read more