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August 2007

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, Niceland definitely had a windfall when God was doling out insects because in this country we have no mosquitoes, no dust mites, and no cockroaches [they were rumoured to exist on the US military base but I don’t think anyone has ever seen one anywhere else. Correct me if […] Read more

My diatribe a couple of years ago about the treatment Aron Pálmi Ágústsson got from the Texas authorities is easily the most controversial post I’ve written to date. For those who have just joined us, Aron Pálmi is a 22-year old man who moved to Texas with his mother as a child. When he was […] Read more

Snuck outta town for a couple of days…

More as soon as I get organized. PS. Weather was fantastic. Alveg eins og í útlöndum.* * Very common Icelandic expression, meaning ‘just like it is abroad’. Because to Nicelanders, there is only one weather abroad, and it is always good.

Prep school princess

School’s in again, and this year AAH moved up a level. Here in Niceland, compulsory education ends at the age of sixteen, which corresponds to the end of elementary school. From then on, most kids move on to framhaldsskóli [upper secondary school] which is like a senior high school and lasts four years. It ends […] Read more

Proceed at your own risk?

As this is written, a massive search is underway for two Germans who were reported missing a few days ago, but who have not been heard from for about three weeks. Their relatives got in touch with the Icelandic authorities when they didn’t return home on their booked flights last week. Sadly, foreign tourists going […] Read more

Have a heart

I just got back from reading Rozanne’s most recent entry, in which she has a minor coronary [sorry Rozanne!] upon discovering that she’s just unwittingly eaten pork heart as a key ingredient in a sausage. Whereas my first reaction to her anecdote was: Mmmm, heart! Yep – here in Niceland we eat lamb hearts without […] Read more


So, yesterday EPI and I headed into town to help set a Guinness World Record in the ‘Telephone’ whisper game. Sadly, only 600-odd people showed up [not bad in the space of an hour, though, I guess] whereas 1,100 were needed in order to break the world record. Here’s EPI getting whispered at by a […] Read more

Just got back from the couch where I watched tonight’s big Kaupthing concert on the tee-vee because I’m a lazy ass and couldn’t be bothered to take the ten minute car ride over to Laugardalur to watch it live. I won’t be able to find no parkin’, is what I told myself. Actually, that’s not […] Read more

The one meme question I always wished someone would ask me is: ‘What celebrity annoys you the most?’ because in contrast to most other meme questions, I know exactly what I would answer. Victoria Beckham. I dunno – the very sight of Victoria Beckham irks me. I think it’s that self-important way she rushes around […] Read more

The police chief gets spanked

I wasn’t kidding about the nightlife, you know. Only a few short years ago, Reykjavík was hailed as the wildest, craziest, most outrageous city in all of Europe to go out on the town. Planeloads of Europeans flew over here for the weekend just to party and trendy young rock stars bought shares in their […] Read more