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September 2007

This is important

Everyone: please copy the text below and send it, or a similar one, to the authorities in Myanmar [Burma]: ~~~ Dear Minister I am deeply concerned by the reports that hundreds of monks and other peaceful protesters, including well-known comedian Zargana and member of parliament Paik Ko have been detained. I strongly urge the Myanmar […] Read more

Our list of New York MOSTS

MOST EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOPVox Pop, on Cortelyou Rd. in Brooklyn. We discovered this place about halfway through our visit and could happily have spent the rest of our holiday hanging out there – in fact we almost did. We went back there daily for the superexcellent coffee [quite a rarity in NY, as we found […] Read more

New York magic

On our last night in New York, we had dinner with Ó [EPI’s daughter] in an atmospheric little Cuban restaurant in SoHo. Afterwards, we wandered up to Washington Square which was teeming with life … we were drawn to a corner of the park where a small crowd had gathered. Two guys were sitting strumming […] Read more

Well, as you’ve probably surmised from my absence, we’ve been having a dandy time here in New York City. I’ve done a lot of shopping, and while EPI has been off doing civilized cultural things like picnicking in Central Park with his daughter and going to the MoMA, YT has been … um, shopping. I […] Read more

Deified in New York City

Well, our New York visit has been going swimmingly, and just this evening EPI was delighted to discover that he has a church named after him here. It’s called the EPIscopal Church of New York. He’s now walking around all important-like in flowing robes and has started growing a beard like all significant deities. Meanwhile, […] Read more

Two pinnacles in a day of highlights

Went to the Brooklyn Book Festival today*. I thought I’d check it out, maybe listen to a reading or two, peruse the wares that vendors were peddling, perchance see if any of the publishers were interested in translations of Nicelandic literature. Had the idea that I might get the odd polite nod and smile, a […] Read more

So we’re all geared up for our trip to the Big Apple tomorrow – meaning that, in true Nicelandic fashion, we’ve got two mammoth, half-empty suitcases lined up, ready to be filled. It’s the modern-day version of the Viking raid. If by chance we have any time left over, we may pop in to see […] Read more

I am completely embarrassed to tell you how long I have just spent trying to access songs in AAH’s iTunes library, with the purpose of moving them over to my iTunes library on the same computer. In fact, I am mortified. I don’t even know why I’m typing this right now. [Undoubtedly some weird compulsion […] Read more


The other night, EPI told me a completely absorbing story about one of his cousins. His mother, EPI’s aunt, was quite young when she had him, so the cousin – we’ll call him J – spent a lot of time with other relatives, particularly his maternal grandparents. J’s mother eventually went abroad to study and […] Read more

Spare a thought for poor EPI, who for over a week now has returned home from work to daily reports about the body count chez YT. That’s right: rather than being greeted at the door by a loving wife wanting to hear all about his day, he is bombarded with detailed updates of the silverfish […] Read more