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September 2007

Be afraid, be wery wery …

Earlier today, someone from the US State Department logged onto the Weather Report through the googlie weather report embassy [predictably they landed here]. They then came back and read through my profile and checked out my photo. And now there are two men in dark sunglasses sitting in a black vehicle outside my house.* Should […] Read more

The Silence of the American Embassy

Earlier this summer I had a question about the validity of AAH’s passport for traveling to the US, because as most people know the US is now making it extra difficult for people to pass through its borders, imposing strict requirements for the types of passports needed, etc. So I logged onto the Embassy website, […] Read more

It’s been a super-busy and strenuous weekend and my mind is decidedly fried, so in lieu of something more sophisticated, here are some tasty morsels from my current cache of googlies, collected over the last few weeks.* ~ Some searchers were a bit linguistically challenged, to wit: where the iceland (Clovis, California) nice icelander girls […] Read more