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October 2007


Out by the golf course, where I like to walk, someone has gone to great lengths to pick up scrap stuff lying around on the shore and sticking it up somewhere, turning it into makeshift sculptures. Like this broken window that someone has found and wedged upright between the rocks, tying a stone to the […] Read more

Polly rocks

Sigh. Despite our best efforts with hazelnuts, it looks as though Polly the cockatiel is not having any of it and has decided to proceed with her egg-laying plans as usual. She’s had a total of three hazelnuts for several weeks now and has laid on them dutifully. Her routine has gone something like this: […] Read more

I’m taking a short course these days on translating and interpreting and am finding it remarkably fascinating, more so than I expected. In fact my mind is virtually overflowing with chaotic factoids and random information on the topic, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to empty it so I can […] Read more

A big, warm, heaping plate of googlies

It’s been a busy week with a heavy workload that I still haven’t quite managed to unload, so in lieu of a post that will actually require brain exertion, here come a few tasty morsels from my current stash of googlies. ~ Apparently some people out there have odd ideas about water parks: water parks […] Read more

In absentia Airwaves review

Big Thank You, everyone. Your comments on the last post have given me a major boost. It makes such a difference to get a glimpse of the people behind the stats, as it were, and to know their responses to what I’m putting out there. I can’t quite explain why, but it does. So now […] Read more


Today, October 20, marks a full three years since I started this blog. So to commemorate the occasion, I’ve decided that today’s post shall be about … blogging. 1. Blogging is the most superexcellent hobby in the world in my opinion. Even so, I often get in a total blogfunk and wonder why the hell […] Read more

Niceland: your queries answered

So the last post generated still more questions in the comments box, which I’ll endeavour to answer, even though as most of you will have surmised by now this blog isn’t really about Iceland, nor the weather, but rather a completely self-serving exercise allowing YT to empty the contents of her brain into this endless […] Read more

YT the one-woman tourist board

Got an email from a reader in Athens, Greece, who is planning to visit our fair isle over Christmas and New Year’s and who presented our YT with a set of questions related to his upcoming trip. Seeing as how the information might be useful to the myriad other punters who are planning on doing […] Read more

Recycle! Ride a bike!

Today is blog action day for the environment and while I want to take part, I have no idea what to write about. What I’m doing for the environment? How terrible the Icelanders are at recycling? How impressed I am with our new Minister for the Environment? The hypocrisy of rejoicing at the great weather […] Read more

Spent the weekend painting my little home office, with the intention of giving it a minor overhaul at the same time. Nothing drastic: just a couple of shelves, a set of glass doors for the bookshelf, a magnetic whiteboard for notes and things. So EPI and I head out to IKEA this afternoon. In addition […] Read more