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Welcome to the land of the brave and the free

I’ve just finished reading an unbelievably shocking account of the detainment of a young Icelandic woman two days ago while traveling to New York with her girlfriends to do a little Christmas shopping. The blog post in which she describes her ordeal has the Icelandic nation abuzz and has featured prominently in all the main […] Read more

Bye bye SAD. So, EPI went out yesterday and came back with a SAD light. Fired it up and instantly the place was filled with the light of a million suns … made me want to strip down and lie right in the middle of the kitchen floor for a spot of tanning. However I […] Read more

Stuffed at Argentina

Been suffering from Acute Cobweb Syndrome all day long on account of the copious amounts of red wine I drank last night while out enjoying a Christmas buffet courtesy of EPI’s employer. Actually, ‘copious amounts’ is probably a bit misleading – the fact is that I normally suffer from cobweb syndrome the day after drinking […] Read more

Until now I’ve not had a propensity for posting YouTube videos on my blog, but this one is just too precious. If there was a prize awarded for Extreme Cuteness this kid would win hands down. Update: When I went back to close the YouTube page, I noticed off to the side another video, this […] Read more

We’re starting to gear up for Christmas around here, albeit slowly. Whereas the windows in surrounding buildings are all lit up with coloured lights, the most I’ve managed in terms of decorating so far is hanging up my little red lantern bought at IKEA a couple of years ago. Very soon I shall get around […] Read more

Retort of the day

“OK, let me just be perfectly clear about one thing: if there is anything that makes me less inclined to study, it is nagging.” – Young AAH sets some firm boundaries with her mother, who feels she should be studying for exams rather than playing SIMS. AND WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER?Started off nasty and windy […] Read more

Almost flown

Last night, before going out to a concert, I said goodbye to AAH more or less for the duration of the weekend. She was going out with her boyfriend, was going to stay over at his place, then going straight to work today, then straight to meeting her friends for dinner. By the time she […] Read more

So, old deCODE Genetics, winner of Iceland’s Most Clever PR Campaign Ever*, has come up with an ingenious new strategy to drive up their share prices: deCODE Me, the Personal Genome Scan. The rock ‘n roll of genetics studies, if you will. You have to admit it’s quite brilliant. For the nominal fee of USD […] Read more

Mancolds and girliecolds

I’ve done d*ck all today as far as work goes and am feeling semi-guilty about it. In fact, I’ve done very little else than surf t’Internet like a zombie. My excuse is that I’ve got a cold. Sound plausible enough? It’s AAH’s fault. She spent all of last week at home with a cold and […] Read more

The earth will shake, in two will break …

Ehm, we hope that last bit doesn’t materialize, but the fact is that the earth has been shaking a fair bit around here for the last couple of weeks. There’s been activity on the so-called ‘western volcanic belt’ which extends from the Reykjanes peninsula [approximately where we are] to the north of Langjökull glacier. We […] Read more