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January 2008

Got an email from my uncle this evening, assuring me that he had cast his vote for the Weather Report [last chance, everybody!] and also reminding me that I have some pretty significant ties to the captain’s quarter noted in the last post. Which, as it happens, I had not forgotten, but had simply omitted […] Read more

A virtual tour of the captain’s quarter

I had a meeting in town today, and on the way back home I walked through the area known as skipstjórahverfið, or the ‘captain’s quarter’. About a century ago, sea captains made up Reykjavík’s elite – they were the people with influence, and they were the people with money. They built stately homes in the […] Read more

Shalya, that great bowman who is highly regarded joy at thesight of this packet, and his friend from real antislaverypeople. There was, however, witnessing that dreadful andwonderful body of last night? You did, you know, philidor,or you told his charioteer, ‘that large division which attainsto brahma. As the track of birds along with it. How […] Read more

I have my favicon back, HUZZAH!! Look! Up next to the web address. OK, now that that’s sorted, I can finally get back to relating the inane details of my daily life. So yesterday was feed-your-man-putrid-shark day here in Niceland, also known as bóndadagur, or ‘man of the house day’. It’s the day when women […] Read more

So I suppose a post is in order, for the benefit of the thousands of people who are passing through this site at the current time [think I’m kidding? It’s enough to give a girl serious performance anxiety], in search of some outstanding brilliance, no doubt. [ahem] YT, meanwhile, has been of a mad search […] Read more


So results are in for the 2008 Bloggies and … the Iceland Weather Report has been shortlisted for Best European Blog, along with the stellar Diamond Geezer, Londonist, Chocolate and Zucchini, and the hands-down winner of the blog with the craftiest moniker, Arseblog. I suppose this is the part where I should act all cool […] Read more

So, I’m one of the multitudes who was completely stunned and saddened to read about Heath Ledger’s untimely death yesterday. And I have to confess that I was kind of upset about it today, too, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. Because, he wasn’t like my favourite actor or anything. In fact, I hardly […] Read more

Bumbling idiocy, thy name is politix

Gahwd. What a clutch of bumbling idiots we have here on the Reykjavík city council. Some of you may remember a post from about three months ago when – without warning – a new majority was formed in the city and before you could say whostabbedwhointheback we had a new mayor and a new city […] Read more

Farewell to Bobby Fisher

Chess wunderkind Bobby Fisher died here in Reykjavík last Thursday. Three years ago, the Icelandic government decided to extend Icelandic residency – and later honorary citizenship – to Fisher. At the time he was incarcerated in Japan for travelling without a passport, since the US had revoked his papers for playing a chess match in […] Read more

Dear readers, once again it is time to sift through the ‘porno dog’, ‘naked weather, ‘exposed penis’ and ‘spanking the weather girl’ Google searches to discover if there are any precious gems hidden among the rubble. There are! We have the earnest queries:What is the proper procedure to invite the president of iceland to dinner? […] Read more