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January 2008

Friends, no doubt you will be relieved to know that there are no regulations banning Icelandic women from baring their breasts [aka flashing their titz] at public swimming pools across the nation. Phew. This crucial bit of information came to light following a heated debate in Denmark, where they are apparently all a bunch of […] Read more

AAH went to a party Friday night, at some kid’s house in what she calls austurborgin [eastern part of the city] but which is more like around Grettisgata. While there, her purse was stolen. She’d stashed it in the kid’s bedroom and even made sure to have it out of the way, so it wasn’t […] Read more

And you thought you had problems

EPI: I need a new razor.YT: Yeah?EPI: Yeah, but it’s so annoying …YT: What’s annoying?EPI: I’ve been looking around and I can’t find a decent razor any more. It’s like all the razors have gone all feminine, with curves [makes hourglass shape with hands in a disdainful manner] and pink or green things on the […] Read more

For the last three days, this blog has been at the centre of a controversy around a post that I wrote more than two years ago. At the time, the case of Aron Pálmi Ágústsson and efforts by a group of people to have him brought to Iceland from Texas where he was incarcerated was […] Read more

Just a gentle reminder, dear readers…

… That tomorrow, January 11, is your last chance to nominate your favourite blogs for the 2008 Bloggies. Have u done ur bit fur* Niceland? WEATHERBout* the same as yesterday. * Just giving them something to discuss on the chick board. See? Not a selfish bone in my body.

Who needs TV when you have message boards

As I expected, posting yesterday’s blog entry was akin to firing a rocket into the thick of Nicelandic society and watching fires ignite. Within a couple of hours Mr Mike Trent’s comment was burning up message boards across the land and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the ensuing discussions entertaining [the […] Read more

So, Christmas officially ended yesterday here in Niceland, with the passing of þrettándinn, meaning ‘the thirteenth’ – or, in plain old English – Twelfth Night. [Incidentally, I wondered for years why it was called the 12th in English and the 13th in Icelandic … until I figured out that here in Iceland we celebrate Christmas […] Read more

First post of the year, everybody, and what’s it about? Not my New Year’s hangover [mild] nor the New Year’s fireworks last night [subdued, on account of the storm] nor the insanely delicious meal we had last night [seafood tartelettes/Henkel Trocken … beef sirloin marinated in brandy and port and massaged by EPI twice a […] Read more