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February 2008

The Iceland Weather Repoty

Welcome to the Iceland Weather Repoty. Yes, dear readers, someone actually searched for this last night and found this website, after which they splashed around in these murky waters for a total of 7 minutes and 52 seconds, and viewed 6 pages. Which I suppose is all a testimony to the fact that Google is […] Read more

The little bitch goes home

We bid a tearful farewell to the little bitch* today [aka the Yaris] after I’d managed to squeeze out an extra few days with her thanks to the extreme tardiness of the auto shop that was fixing my car. They never call to let you know when they’ve finished the repairs [annoying], and in this […] Read more

So, I went to my first Expat Quiz Night here in Reykjavík last Friday. Apparently they have them once a month at Café Cultura, in the Intercultural Centre, but then how would I know because I’m obviously not a genuine expat, just as I’m not a genuine Nicelander. [Falling through the cracks: the story of […] Read more

Get this, get the essence

EPI and I have just come back from one fantastic concert: Hinn Íslenski þursaflokkur with the Caput ensemble, performing at Laugardalshöll arena. This was their 30th anniversary concert and they reassembled for just this one night, having disbanded in 1982. The Laugardalshöll was packed [it takes around 5,500 people, according to Wikipedia], which gives some […] Read more

Ah, yes, dear readers. The latest googlie searches: floating refuse from the dark, aquatic depths of cyberspace. Read them and weep. ~ The “porno dog” brigade was out in all its barking glory, with slight variations on a theme: dog end vomen porn [Ankara, Turkey] vomen end dog porn [Urfa, Turkey] dog porno . com […] Read more

My car’s in the shop, so I’ve been zipping around on a rented Toyota Yaris since yesterday. I’m completely smitten. It’s so nimble. So quick. So easy to maneuver out in traffic. I don’t want my old car back. I want the Yaris. SNOWING AGAINBut not too much, so that’s OK. And there’s no wind, […] Read more


Always dreamed of owning your very own Icelandic sheep but just couldn’t find a place for it out on the balcony? Well, now you can, thanks to kindur.is, which allows you to either adopt or purchase a sheep [aka kind] on an Icelandic farm, name it, choose a ram for breeding, utilize the wool from […] Read more

Við Tjörnina, literally translated, means “By Tjörnin” – Tjörnin being a Reykjavík landmark that, depending on who you talk to, is either a pond or a lake. [Personally I think it’s too large to be the former and too small to be the latter – so for lack of a better word we’ll call it […] Read more

A short reflection on living and learning

Last night my father-in-law invited EPI and I, and EPI’s brother and his wife, out to a lavish dinner at Við Tjörnina*. Just … because. I’m such a fan of my father-in-law. When I’m 82 I want to be just like him. Well, maybe not just like him, but similar. He’s completely unstoppable. After EPI’s […] Read more

Smokin’ in the [ig]loo

The wretched cold puddle has not been kind to smokers who, since the implementation of the nationwide smoking ban, must huddle outside on the sidewalks in the freezing cold to get their fix. Not so in Ísafjörður, however, where an ingenious pub owner has constructed a rather unorthodox – not to mention deliciously cozy – […] Read more