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March 2008

So results are in for the 2008 Bloggies and top honour for Best European Weblog went to Chocolate and Zucchini, which I must say I find absolutely deserved. Not that I would have minded taking the top prize myself, of course, but it’s all in what you bring to the table, innit? I have to […] Read more

YT gets served, shame about the food

Ok, enough whingeing: here comes a restaurant review. EPI and I went out for dinner on Friday night with a couple of friends to Vín og skel [Wine and Shell – NB not the oil company] on Laugavegur. I’d been curious about the place for a while, having heard good things about it. In fact, […] Read more

A few more thoughts on publishing

Thank you everyone for your generous feedback on the last post – I loved your responses and was completely fascinated by the opinions some of you expressed about the Icelanders and their communication skills [or lack thereof]. It’s always interesting to hear what ‘outsiders’ say about ‘us’. [Or ‘them’, as the case may be … […] Read more

Suppose you are the owner of a semi-popular Internet weblog. A time comes when your weblog is the focus of some attention, and a couple of days later you receive in your inbox an email from the head of a publishing house which, although it is new and small, has a fair bit of capital […] Read more

Taking intimacy to a new level

EPI and I are gearing up for a trip to Berlin next week [w00t!] and have just discovered that the hotel we’re staying at has rather, um, unorthodox arrangements concerning their en-suite bathrooms. Apparently they’re sort of right inside the room, separated only by a glass partition.* I’m thinking they hired the same architects as […] Read more

Fourteen years

Today it is fourteen years since AAH and I moved to Iceland. I was terrified to move back. ‘Back’ being an anomaly, because from the age of five I hadn’t really lived here. I’d moved back with my mother for three years when I was seven and would happily have stayed, but it wasn’t to […] Read more

Sunshine in a pot and other good stuff

Yesterday was a perfect day. Brilliant sunshine in the morning, so EPI and I had the instant desire to stick our cross-country skis in the car and head up to Heiðmörk*. First, though, we had to go grocery shopping at Krónan [formerly known as stupid old Krónan – we shall see if they manage to […] Read more