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April 2008

Putting a spin on monstrosity

Like people all over the world, we Nicelanders are pretty stricken by the events that have come to light in Austria in the last few days. The media is busy chewing on the gory details and RÚV have sent their Europe correspondent to Amstetten to provide play-by-play coverage. Kastljós had an interview the other night […] Read more

GAS! GAS! GAS! oh, your phone’s ringing

You’ve got to hand it to the Nicelanders, they’ve got this fabulous sense of the absurd. Take the trucker fiasco, for example. At the height of the action, the cops saw themselves driven to spray mace on the unruly crowds, moving forward with remarkable stealth and yelling GAS! GAS! GAS! GET OFF THE ROAD!!* at […] Read more


At this very moment I can hear my daughter talking a mile a minute to her friend on the phone, typing like a kamikaze on the keyboard at the same time [undoubtedly talking to about ten friends at once on MSN] and likely filing her nails, painting her toenails and STUDYING for her upcoming COMPUTER […] Read more

A couple of days ago, YT finally had an opportunity to go out and run errands, having had my nose perpetually to the grindstone for, oh, about two months before that. And lemme tell you, it was like a heifer released from the barn after a long winter. Freedom – whoohoo! Even going to see […] Read more


Nicelanders are notorious for their apathy in the face of injustice, particularly if it involves political transgressions. Typically a minor fury will erupt in the immediate wake of a blatant offense but in a few days it subsides and within a couple of weeks most people can’t even remember what the commotion was all about, […] Read more

The baffling case of the disk on Flickr

Two posts ago, I posted a link to the disk that was burned with our song selections for last Saturday’s dinner party and which also contained the menu. Since that photo was uploaded – around 36 hours ago – it’s been viewed a total of 786 times, and counting, making this the most popular photo […] Read more

So – thank you to everyone who responded to my call for assistance to pick a song for EPI’s song and dance party. I loved all the responses, was fascinated by the diversity and also really really enjoyed getting your off-list recommendations. I received around 50 responses in comments and emails and without doing a […] Read more


I’m facing a rather ominous deadline at the moment and have literally been working my little tush off all weekend, just taking a break last night to attend EPI’s dinner-and-song night which, you’ll be happy to know, was a roaring success. I’m completely drained at the moment and fear that not a coherent word would […] Read more

I’ve had a facelift!

Remember a few weeks back when I was suffering from serious ennui and thought my blog design sucked lemons and didn’t know what I was doing this for and yadayada …? Well, I sat myself down and had a good long think, and my think went something like this: Either I just scrap the whole […] Read more

Dear readers, I’m in the midst of a small conundrum and need your assistance. It’s like this: EPI belongs to a ‘listening club’ – i.e. a few times a year he and his pals get together for an evening, eat some good food and drink some beer [or whatever] and introduce each other to new […] Read more