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April 2008

Vín og skel: a wee tale of redemption

A few weeks ago YT and EPI went out for dinner with a couple of friends to a place called Vín og skel, on Laugavegur. Now, having been on intimate terms with the restaurant business in my North American incarnation [many moons ago], and having worked in some places that considered flawlessness to be merely […] Read more

Soon after the first news hit about the serious financial crisis the Icelandic nation was supposedly in the midst of, word started circulating that the whole thing was an elaborate set-up, orchestrated by unscrupulous individuals who stood to gain from the plummeting value of the Icelandic krona. I must confess that this sounded rather implausible, […] Read more

Chez YT: the excitement never stops

So I came back from an errand early this evening and found three of my neighbours all standing around in a tizzy by the front door. Seems the girl upstairs encountered a flasher this afternoon.

Your questions answered, episode III

Alright, so where were we? ~ Yes… From gkb: As someone who lived in North America and returned to reside in Iceland, what differences do you notice most between the two places (both good and bad, of course)? Apropos of this, what commentary, suggestions, or advice might you have for someone who is considering moving […] Read more

So, I was just up at the Iceland Review offices having coffee with my friend Jonas when an unnamed someone who works there came up and joined in the conversation. And we started talking about t’Internet and blogs and pedantic readers and such, and in the heat of the conversation the unnamed person said something […] Read more

The things I tell you. Really.

This question thing is easy, perhaps a bit too easy. And I’m sure it could get tedious after a while, seeing as how I’d have to be answering questions all the time pretending I was in the loop about all kinds of stuff and couldn’t just rant about daily stuff, like the ditzy woman with […] Read more

Question time II

Okay, “On with the butter” as they say here in Niceland … I asked for questions, you gave me questions, so here we go. From Alisonl: So my question: Is one child enough or do you wish you had more? ~ Oh, boy. I think I could probably write two volumes of memoirs on this […] Read more

Today is one of my favourite days of the year here in Niceland because today is the day that all the Nicelanders try to trick each other into ‘Running April’, as it’s called here. What this means is that the April fool’s joke has to get you to cross a threshold, otherwise it’s a failure. […] Read more