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May 2008

I’m feeling exceedingly smug and self-satisfied at the moment: through an ingenious act of cunning I managed to save myself ISK 10,000 [USD 126 / EUR 81] by a] buying a new pair of Asics running shoes on eBay, b] having them shipped to my stepdaughter in New York City, c] having the woman for […] Read more

Mindful of the fact that my favourite number is eight, and knowing that we have tickets to see Eric Clapton later this summer, and currently being immersed in Clapton’s autobiography, EPI is delighted to pass on a fascinating tidbit to our YT: EPI: You’ll never guess: the Eric Clapton concert is on 08.08.08. YT: No! […] Read more

MY ICELAND: Welcome home!

A couple of months ago, when I was feeling a bit directionless in terms of this blog, I sat down and had a good long think about what I wanted to do. It seemed to me that I’d become increasingly removed from my original intent when I started, i.e. to write about what it is […] Read more

Lost in translation, oops

So, old John Fogerty is giving a concert here in a week or two and yesterday Fréttablaðið published a short article detailing his backstage requirements. Excerpt: Forgerty has simple wishes regarding backstage accommodation. He wants two rooms for himself with tidy [!] showers, a sink and a water closet. Fogerty also wants good Internet access, […] Read more

I can’t get no satisfaction

New look – again!! I loved the rotating header on the previous theme, but I hated the way the content was cramped into a narrow column in the middle. I had planned to widen the column but then discovered that it wasn’t possible without a PhD in php, which I will probably never have. Solution: […] Read more

So, dreamy prince Frederik of Denmark and his lovely wife Mary are currently on a royal visit to Niceland and are being trailed by a herd of photographers and film people eager to commit their various antics to celluloid [visiting schools, pretending to be fascinated by the old parliament site, being dragged around the Manuscripts […] Read more

We’ve got gas

A veritable GAS! craze has gripped Nicelandic society, with the cops’ GAS! GAS! GAS refrain from the other day being the expression du jour. It’s everywhere. First there was that hilarious ringtone, then it started appearing in newspaper ads for gas barbecues, and during a recent celebration downtown [First Day of Summer or May 1, […] Read more

Niceland seems to be a bit of a media darling these days, what with all the tales of our economic troubles, the big feature in Newsweek, and an article on page one in the Wall Street Journal, which focuses on our alleged obsession with big souped-up jeeps that have been customized to drive all over […] Read more

Nice and green

Our copy of Newsweek arrived in the mail yesterday and in it YT was astonished to discover a major feature on Niceland, including an interview with our Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde , which the mag calls ‘the greenest political leader in the world‘. [Aside: if you are ‘green’ in Niceland, it means you are […] Read more

The picture of the menu disk I posted to Flickr 10 days ago has now been viewed 3,329 times. Crazy!! One of the most puzzling things was that in the first few days there were, according to Site Meter, significantly fewer visitors to this site than to the Flickr photo. Yet the Flickr stats showed […] Read more