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June 2008

Björk and Sigur Rós play for the cause

Björk and Sigur Rós, two of our most illustrious [read: famous] acts are organizing a mammoth* concert this evening in support of the environment. And not a moment too soon. As the Nicelandic idiom says: oft var þörf en nú er nauðsyn [it was often needed, but now it is necessary], since in the midst […] Read more

Bye-bye króna, hello … greenback?

Our Prime Minister, Geir H. Haarde, has now come out and said that it would be much more logical for Niceland to adopt the US dollar than the euro. Just picture it: paying for our dried fish and brennivín with greenbacks featuring Abe Lincoln, as opposed to Nicelandic krona notes featuring a picture of YT’s […] Read more

Magical mystery tour

There’s a place here in Reykjavík called the Family Park and Zoo, which as the name suggests is a park for families [i.e. they have play equipment for kids, rides, etc.] and a sort of mini-zoo, with domesticated farm animals, as well as wild animals found in Iceland: seals, foxes, minks and reindeer. Recently they’ve […] Read more

MY ICELAND: Midsummer Night

In Icelandic lore, there are four nights a year when mystical, magical things happen: the night before Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Twelfth Night [January 6] and Midsummer Night – tonight. Many amazing things are supposed to happen on this night. Magical stones may be found that will make your wishes come true. Various types of […] Read more

Well, I must be hitting the big leagues because I’m getting hate mail and lunatic rants. Yay! I guess. And while I generally have a policy of evicting anyone who comes at me or other readers of this blog with profanities and blatant disrespect, I rather think I shall let those be. Give a man […] Read more

Viggo’s pics and mistaken identities

Finally got out today to see hunky Viggo Mortensen’s photo exhibit at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, which opened around three weeks ago. My timing happened to coincide with a) the fact that I was in the neighbourhood, b) it was free, c) a few days ago I saw Eastern Promises and really liked it […] Read more

Bear number three??

See, I had to write that last post, just so I could keep writing about the polar bears, because of the promise I made at the very end of the post before that, and I never break a promise. Okay… There were some people out touring today, in a place called Hveravellir, which is up […] Read more

I think she’s losing it, Hazel

“Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Polar” “Polar who?” “Polar bear” [Pause] “Perish” “Perish what?” “Perish the thought” “Perish Hilton” “Perish France” “Perish see you in your underpants” [Pause] “Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Could I have a pillow?”* AND NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION Stunning day today. Gorgeous, blazing sunshine this morning and afternoon, but around […] Read more

Anyone have a scarebear lying around?

So, it has transpired that the polar bear that came to visit yesterday was not only dead tired, it was also sick. More specifically, it was infected with trichinae, a parasite that is reportedly common in bears and other mammals. It lodges in muscles and tissues and causes a disease that can be very painful, […] Read more

Another polar bear casualty

Well, the polar bear that was discovered roaming around up north yesterday and which they were hoping to capture alive was shot and killed this afternoon. According to reports, the Danish experts from the Copenhagen zoo who arrived around midday were unable to get close enough to the bear to shoot it with tranquilizers. Apparently […] Read more