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July 2008


As many of you will have noted from my Flickr photos, the weather here has been amazing over the past 2-3 weeks and yesterday was a perfect gem in the string of beautiful days we’ve had here lately. We had record highs throughout the country – here in Reykjavík temps went up to 26.2 °C […] Read more

We arrived home from our hiking trip last night after a fantastic time away. Incredible how many amazing adventures can be packed into four short days. Here’s a quick run-through of our itinerary: TUESDAY Left Reykjavík around 2 pm, drove due north to Hofsós, a small fishing village on the edge of Skagafjörður fjord, where […] Read more

Return of the googlie brigade

Dear readers: time for a handful of precious googlie morsels dropped by the Mighty Googlie in the Sky. Read them – and weep for the future of humanity. There was the usual penis fixation: pictures of penis in virginia of girl (from an undisclosed location in the USA) usa big penic (from an undisclosed location […] Read more

The end of a long story about a phone

… continued from last post YT and the Nicelandic Consumers Union [Neytendasamtökin] go back a long way. Or – well – a few years. We first became acquainted about seven years ago when I owned a dud of a computer that had broken down about six times in two years. I happened to relate the […] Read more

The other day I went to buy myself a new cellphone because apparently making calls and sending hasty text messages and using the phone to remotely control your kids just doesn’t cut it anymore. They have this new thing where you can surf t’internet and pick up your email and gab with your friends in […] Read more

When EPI and I and EPI’s father drove across Sprengisandur last week we spent the first night at the a place called Hotel Highland, billed as “the only luxury hotel in the Icelandic highlands”. EPI’s father had called ahead to book a room for himself, which cost a paltry ISK 15,300 per night [USD 197/EUR […] Read more

Rambling thoughts about being on holiday

EPI and I are on holiday right now, which basically means Doing-Everything- We-Don’t-Have-Time-To-Do-While-We’re-Working. Things like Driving Across Sprengisandur, Sleeping Until Noon, Frying Bacon for Brunch, Actually Reading the Newspaper, Hair Appointment, Massage Appointment, Combing Every Fricking Sports and Department Store in the City of Reykjavík for a Decent Swimsuit on Account of Boxers Being Ripped […] Read more

MY ICELAND: Sprengisandur

One of the best-known folk songs in Iceland is Á Sprengisandi [On Sprengisandur] – a song that every man, woman and child in Iceland learns virtually in the womb. The lyrics tell of a man who is crossing Sprengisandur sands in the central highlands on a horse [in the old days, obviously] and who cannot […] Read more

Back from safari

EPI and I and EPI’s father have just spent three days driving across the central highlands. It’s incredibly barren and stunningly beautiful there, and certainly brings home the problem of erosion in this country. We spent one night in a hotel up there, just before setting off across Sprengisandur sands [more on them later] which […] Read more

Two years of picnics

Today EPI and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Huzzah! Two years since we walked down the isle in the Toronto City Hall, which – truth be told – was more like the corridor to the bathroom in a Vegas chapel than the route to the altar. Not that it mattered. We were just […] Read more