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September 2008

Meanwhile, as the world was going to pot

EPI and I were enjoying the easy life in Croatia – when we should have been at home chewing our fingernails. Scandalous, I know. Our holiday in the sun – replete with sand, sun and sea – certainly did not evolve as I envisioned it. The fact was that, the week before we arrived, temps […] Read more

How about that failed bailout bill, then?

The only English-language channel that EPI and I were able to pick up in our hotel apartment in Croatia was CNN. There was no radio and as yet we have not bought a set of iPod speakers [that will almost certainly change before we travel again] … so basically we had CNN on a lot. […] Read more

Ah, me. Nothing quite like coming home to find that my bank has gone belly up. Yes, that is precisely what happened this morning, dear readers. The piles of post-holiday laundry and scores of unanswered emails were put on hold while our YT absorbed the alarming fact that Glitnir bank has rolled. Our government moved […] Read more

Resturant review! – Vitabar

For years, the Vitabar burgers were the best-kept secret in town. Thing is … the place is a bit of a dive. Before the smoking ban was implemented you could hardly see your hand in front of your face when you went in there because of the cigarette smoke. Most of the patrons were on […] Read more

A brief overview of Croatia’s charms

Somehow the weather gods were not alerted to the fact that we were coming to Croatia. It’s been absolutely freezing here – well, at least in terms of what you expect when you book a holiday in the sun. Typically temps have been around 16-20C which would be tolerable if it wasn’t for the fact that […] Read more

MY ICELAND: The Phone Book

People from, you know, other countries, countries where they do proper family names and call each other Mr and Mrs and suchlike, are usually pretty aghast when they see our phone book. The Icelandic phone book lists everyone by their first names. Then comes your last name, then your address, then your occupation [to set […] Read more

Restaurant review! – Krua Siam

Friends, I have not been in the habit of reviewing restaurants that are not in the capital area, even though I know that people actually travel out of the city while they are here, and what is more – they have to eat! Therefore it may please you to know that good restaurants actually exist […] Read more

Two Nicelanders are talking. Subject: Croatia. “They’re pretty backward. They’re about 10 or 15 years behind.” “Yeah. I hear they don’t even have a McDonald’s or a Kentucky.” … … … [THAT backward. Can you imagine?]

We regret to inform you that the Iceland Weather Report – meaning the actual weather report bit – shall not be available for the next two weeks. For weather reports from this general time of year, please refer to the archives. It’s all pretty much the same. That said, please don’t adjust your set, as […] Read more

Today I took AAH to Bónus to stock up on provisions while EPI and I are away. I look upon it as an educational experience: she gets to try out what it’s like to be all grown up and live on her own for two weeks, has to make a shopping list, plan ahead and […] Read more