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October 2008

Feeling the vibe

Thank you to everyone who voted in the little poll I posted yesterday [don’t forget – votes are being tallied until Friday] and most especially to those of you who emailed me or left comments. I very much appreciate your frankness. I was pretty sure the subscription idea was a long shot but wanted to […] Read more

I have something very important to ask

As regular readers will know, over the last few weeks this blog has morphed into a bit of a news site for what is happening here in Iceland. Writing about it has been very therapeautic for me at times, although sometimes also utterly exhausting. And even though a few of the comments have been rancid […] Read more

New: headlines!

Just a quick post to call attention to a new feature in my sidebar – news headlines. I’m going to be updating those frequently, as the news unfolds. The idea is to give all those lovely readers who are trying to keep up some idea of what is going on, as I am not – […] Read more

Alistair Darling’s reaction … explained?

So, the two Björgólfurs finally broke their silence this weekend. Morgunblaðið had a three-page interview with Björgólfur Sr. – who as well as being major owner Landsbanki was also Chairman of the Board – under the heading “My Most Difficult Experience.” In this interview he works overtime trying to deflect blame from himself and onto […] Read more

Yesterday EPI and I made a decision to buy a freezer. We’ve been talking about it for years – EPI has been all gung-ho while YT has been somewhat less enthusiastic … where would we put it, and besides, things get stuck in the freezer and then they’re just … stuck there. For years. At […] Read more

At least if this shocking piece of information posted by Trev london in the comments to the last post is to be believed. Trev london, takeitaway: I have some hot news. Gordon Brown has just announced on all BBC channels that, despite earlier statements to the contrary, Icelanders are indeed terrorists of the most dangerous […] Read more

About that phone transcript

Know what’s surreal? When your readers are one step ahead of you and have started a whole new topic in your comments box without you even knowing about it. Power to the reader! [Ahem.] Anyway – yes – the transcript of THAT phone conversation between Alistair Darling and our Minister of Finance Árni Mathiesen is […] Read more

Where are the owners of Landsbanki?

The Icelandic owners of Landsbanki have not made a public appearance in Iceland since the bank went down two weeks ago. This despite the fact that the Icelandic nation has been deeply embroiled in conflict over their Icesave accounts and our politicians have been working overtime to reach an agreement with Landsbanki creditors overseas. Unsurprisingly […] Read more

A message to Gordie

In light of the recent invocation of anti-terrorist laws against Landsbanki, a group of Icelanders who have lived and/or studied in the UK have set up an online petition to highlight the fact that Icelanders are [most emphatically!] not terrorists. It’s a great site, particularly the page with postcards sent in by normal Icelanders who […] Read more

Black is white and white is black

Last Saturday, as I arrived home from the demonstration downtown, I met my elderly neighbour at the front door. My elderly neighbour is a kindly old lady who typically makes idle chit-chat in the hallway, that is when she’s not complaining about something or other to do with the building and its maintenance, which is […] Read more