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November 2008

Like it’s important

My youngest stepdaughter was graduating from the Icelandic National School of Dance today [wOOt!] and they had their final performance this afternoon at the National Theatre. It was such a great show and as I sat there in the audience I was, as so often before, transfixed by the scope of talent we have in […] Read more

Wanna party on Facebook?

Everyone: I’ve set up a Facebook group for The Iceland Weather Report – and you are cordially invited to join! I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, partly because we’ve been getting so many links to things in the comments section, and this way people can post links on the group’s message board, […] Read more

I cried

Oh, man. Someone has put a video up on YouTube in which they take a section of the movie Der Untergang and have superimposed Icelandic subtitles on it, all to do with the Icesave debacle. In the video Hitler has a conniption when he finds out that the money he deposited in an Icesave account […] Read more

One of the many and ongoing f*ckups by the Icelandic government in the wake of the economic implosion is the fact that, as yet, no investigation has been launched into the actual reasons behind the collapse of the banks – or whether any dubious transactions were made right around that time. The seriousness of this […] Read more

Become a sponsor

A few weeks ago when I was thinking of ways in which to monetize this blog, a reader emailed me with an idea. He said he’d be willing to become a sponsor of this blog in return for a small image in the sidebar, linking back to his site. Personally I thought this was a […] Read more

Sizzling meeting, cabinet in the hot seat

Whell, what a cracking good meeting that was! Since the economic implosion a few weeks ago, a group of ordinary citizens have been organizing citizens’ meetings where they invite members of the government and others to come and respond to questions from the general public. Like the demonstrations that have been organized on the last […] Read more

Open citizen’s meeting

At this very moment there is an open citizen’s meeting held in a packed Háskólabíó where the PM, leader of the coalition party, MPs and others are facing the public. It’s heated – it’s zealous; there are excellent speeches! You can watch it live here for the next hour and a half. [It’s currently 20.30 […] Read more

Notes from … our Nokia time*

Like many others here in Iceland, I’m absolutely appalled that there has been no sign of repentance from our leaders after all that has happened. Most of the people who are in power have been so for years and years, they designed and engineered the system that has prevailed and were absolutely blind to the […] Read more

Of angry mobs, teargas and blackened windows

So, the weekly demonstration got a bit rowdy today. Or, more precisely, what happened AFTER the demonstration did, which was that the guy organizing it urged everyone to head up to the police station on Hverfisgata and protest the fact that the guy who climbed up on top of the parliament buildings a couple of […] Read more

YT strikes on the BBC

… Or BBC Radio Scotland, to be precise. Riddoch Questions is a radio show hosted by Lesley Riddoch that was broadcast today. Lesley, who is keenly interested in the parallels between Iceland and Scotland, came here last week to discover first-hand just how we’re coping amidst the economic rubble. I think anyone interested in Iceland […] Read more