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December 2008

Happy New Year!

Last day of the year, and the party spirit is in the air. Here in Niceland we’re gearing up for the mutha of all parties – our wild and crazy New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fireworks are sold unrestricted to the general public and at midnight everything just goes ballistic. The fireworks are [primarily] sold by […] Read more

2008 in memoriam

Last night, old Kastljós did a ‘Year in Review’ type of segment [I’d provide a link, but the RÚV site appears to be f*ked at the moment] in which it replayed choice bits from the programme over the course of the year. Seriously, you just have to laugh, because if you don’t laugh, you cry. […] Read more

And the Googlie of the Year goes to …

Dear readers. Seeing as it’s now the close of Annus Horriblis 2008, it’s time for a quick glance in the rearview mirror. Some places vote for Man or Woman of the Year. Others vote for Post of the Year. Still others vote for, um, Worst Banker of the Year. Or Most Spectacular Economic Collapse of […] Read more

MY ICELAND: the Christmas books

Every year in November, Iceland experiences what is known as jólabókaflóðið, or “the Christmas book flood”. It’s when publishers flood the market with new or [occasionally] re-released books, in time for Christmas. This is because one of the most long-standing Yule traditions in this country is to give the gift of books for Christmas – […] Read more

Happy happy happy Christmas*

Hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful holiday filled with joy and love, whatever your faith. .. and that’s about all I can manage right now. I shall now proceed to enter a semi-comatose state hopefully for about 18 hours, or until the next scheduled Christmas party. The last few days have been […] Read more

Thereby once again changing my original title. Sigh. Yep, it’s strike three for YT in The Guardian’s Comment is Free section.* And once again they added a heading and sub-heading that aren’t mine and are far more silly than anything I would ever write. Ah well. Since last time I’ve learned that they do pay, […] Read more

Graduation, replete with hats and good cheer

So the Christmas madness is upon us, rushing to get everything done, the days scheduled so tightly that absolutely nothing can go off by more than five minutes or the whole house of cards collapses and you can find YT standing in the middle of the floor pulling huge chunks of hair out of her […] Read more

Emiliana steals the show

As you’ve probably seen, I’m turning out to be quite rubbish at the headlines thing. Putting them up in the sidebar every day just felt too binding, and – as it turns out – so does putting them in a post every day. Because some days I just don’t feel like blogging about headlines, I […] Read more

Oh, and thanks for the coffee

Icelandic protesters are on a roll these days. A group of people operating under the slogan “A protest a day” gathered this morning for the third demonstration in as many days, this time in front of the Financial Supervisory Authority. They shouted slogans and threw rocks, breaking some windows in the FSA offices. After that […] Read more

Jón Ásgeir gets snowed in public

The most refreshing piece of news today was that stupid old Glitnir bank is changing its name back to Íslandsbanki. If the bank hadn’t squandered spent a cool 150 million crowns on its name change two years ago this would be reason enough to break out the Champagne. I hated the name Glitnir then [always […] Read more