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January 2009

New government set to be announced today

With any luck, we should have a new government later today [Saturday]. By all reports coalition talks between the Left-Greens and Social Democrats are coming along swimmingly. No word yet as to who will run what ministry, but rumour has it that there will be five ministers from each of the parties and two ministers […] Read more

Talking head

We had thrills a-go-go here at the Weather Report yesterday, as our YT featured in TWO [count ’em!] television interviews on the same day. Pretty serious stuff for a cameraphobe like myself. The first [as some of you will already know] was “live via webcam” with CBC Newsworld in Toronto. The “live via webcam” bit […] Read more

With all the excitement of the last several days I’d almost forgotten about my day job, at which I have been demonstrating rather poor performance lately [good thing I have a very understanding boss] since my extremely time consuming hobby [read: this blog] has been commanding ever-larger chunks of my time. So seeing as how […] Read more

So Prez Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson summoned Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, head of the SDs, and Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, head of the LGs, to a meeting this morning, in which he entrusted them with the task of forming an interim minority government with the support of the Progressive Party. According to the president there is a possibility […] Read more

He said, she said

It’s been hard to know whether to laugh or cry while watching Geir and Ingibjörg [the leaders of the two ex-coalition parties] carp and bicker today. They’re like an old married couple on the brink of divorce who have been working overtime to present a united front, but whose carefully-constructed façade has finally come tumbling […] Read more

The government has collapsed!

So, PM [notforlong] Geir Haarde announced just after 1 pm that the government coalition has been dissolved. He’s meeting with the President at 4 pm today to ask for the formal discharge of the government. Apparently the Social Democratic Alliance led by Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir [who has just returned from Sweden where she underwent treatment […] Read more

Reykjavík burning

Last night around midnight there was a highly discernible smell of burning in our apartment, coming through the open windows. And if we listened very closely, we could hear the banging of a drum and the sounds of shouting in the distance. It was a protest outside the Central Bank, about 3 km away. A […] Read more

Power to the people!!

The Minister of Commerce and Banking announced his resignation this morning. He moreover announced that he had dismissed the director and board of the Financial Supervisory Authority. wOOOOOOt!!! Seriously, I feel like doing a frenzied African war dance in my living room. In fact … […] wOOOOOOt!!! OK, now that that’s out of the way […] Read more

In case you’re wondering …

I’ve totally changed my mind about the sticky post. It didn’t look right, and anyway, I would have had to upgrade WordPress to keep it there and I’m resolved to keep from updating WordPress for as long as I possibly can.* Instead we have a supergorgeous little image in the sidebar. Wrow! And if you […] Read more

We would appreciate your vote…

If you could spare a moment to vote for us in the esteemed 2009 Weblog Awards – Best European Weblog category – we would be very grateful. Thank you so much! [This post will stay up until voting closes on February 2. New posts below!]