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April 2009

Oh, to be a fly on the President’s wall

Bizarre item on the RÚV evening news yesterday. Apparently the American ambassador to Iceland [Carol Von der Wurst or whatever her name is] received word that the President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson* was all ready and set to bestow upon her the Order of the Falcon, Iceland’s highest honour. If she could kindly come […] Read more

What’s your number one feelgood song?

Does anyone remember my post from nearly a year ago, when I was heading out to a gala dinner in EPI’s listening club and needed a song to play? Well, it’s happening again. Brief recap: EPI belongs to a listening club, where he gets together with his pals every now and again and they introduce […] Read more

The times they are a-changin’

So as expected, the Social Democratic Party and the Left-Greens look set to continue their collaboration in the wake of yesterday’s elections. This despite that pesky disagreement on the EU: the SDP want to enter into talks with the European Union immediately, whereas the LGs are adopting a more cautious stance and want a national […] Read more

Updates: election numbers and more

UPDATE: XO has dropped back down to four seats, at 2.02 am. Boo. I’m really going to bed now. — UPDATE: XO has earned five seats in parliament at 2 am. wOOt! I’m going to bed. — First numbers are in and my favoured party, the Civic Movement [XO – don’t you love it!], which […] Read more

So, EPI and I have done the deed – gone and cast our ballots for the Greater Good. A group of radicals were urging people to eat their ballots in the voting booth, IN PROTEST of course, always the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of civil disobedience. EPI and I both […] Read more

It’s just a jump to the left

One day to our national elections, and the tension is mounting. Or is it? – Not really. According to the latest poll* the current government is pretty secure with a combined support of 56.4 percent. Based on the figures, the Social Democrats [Samfylkingin] would get 19  MPs elected and the Left-Greens [Vinstri grænir] 18. To […] Read more

Aspiring to become an enemy of the party

Today the newspaper DV published a series of “secret documents” it claims to have obtained from a source within the  Progressive Party [Framsóknarflokkur], including this one — an Excel document with a list of bloggers defined as “enemies of the party”. I was exceedingly disappointed to find that the Weather Report is not on that […] Read more

A friend on Facebook updated her status yesterday with the remark that, in her view, the upcoming elections revolve around the choice between EU and LÍU, not the different party lists. So true! LÍU is the acronym for Landssamband Íslenskra Útvegsmanna, or The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Operators, an association for the interests of […] Read more

The same old tobacco and no new pipes

We have elections coming up this weekend and, honestly, just the thought of it makes me tired. Makes me want to crawl into bed and pull the duvet up over my head. I know, I know; it’s what we wanted, it’s why we took to the streets en masse last fall and in January. Only […] Read more

You’ve come a long way, little blog

Yesterday the most delightful little surprise landed in my inbox: an invitation to appear at a cultural festival in Italy “featuring influential authors and journalists from all over the world.” At first I thought, there must be some mistake. I mean, I have a BLOG. I write about googlies.* But … wOOt!! This annual festival, […] Read more