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Some links, as per your request

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your kind and lovely words — and your encouragement — in the comments to the last post. I am truly touched. Some of you have been asking for links to other blogs about Iceland written in English, and of course it was remiss of me not to think […] Read more

The end of the line

Well, we’ve seen it happen across the blogosphere, and now it’s happening here: after six years online, this blog has finally run out of steam. It’s time to stop. This decision has been a long time coming and has certainly not been easy. I’ve put a lot into this little project, and over these past […] Read more

Gearing up for a constitutional review

Some of you may have noticed that I skated pretty nimbly over the issue of the constitutional reform the other day. If I do say so myself. Of course the matter of reviewing the Icelandic constitution is a highly significant one, and I happen to think that the way we’re going about it here is […] Read more


Today, at 14.25, Icelandic women will be walking out of their workplaces. The reason for that precise timing: with the wage gap factored in, that is when women will have completed a full workday. Some interesting factoids from the Fréttablaðið editorial today: Women are 50% of the human race, but own one percent of the […] Read more

The new blogtitution

As some readers will undoubtedly know, Iceland is in the process of reviewing its constitution. A constitutional assembly will be set up next spring, chosen via direct personal election, for which anyone can run. The deadline for submitting candidacies was last week, and a whopping 525 people have decided to run, which amounts to 0.2% […] Read more

Beaty polishes his halo in The Globe and Mail

So, Toronto’s Globe and Mail today publishes an interview with Ross Beaty, CEO of Magma Energy, which focuses [among other things] on the controversy surrounding Magma’s acquisition of HS Orka here in Iceland. Now, we know this about Ross Beaty: he is a smooth talker. He’s got this slightly self-depreciating manner that instantly invites rapport. […] Read more

Eva Joly in a farewell interview

So, Eva Joly gave a final interview on Silfur Egils this afternoon, recorded just after she stepped down as advisor to the Special Prosecutor into the bank collapse. As always, her lucid comments and composed, assured demeanor inspired confidence — to me, at least. I know there are a handful of people out there who […] Read more

Totally inspired by Belgian Adventurer

I can’t say I’m in the least inspired by the Inspired by Iceland campaign, but I am inspired by this guy! Here are the details of his Iceland excursion — sans dancing!

Ingvi Hrafn hangs himself on TV

OK, I just have to share this. What we have here is one Ingvi Hrafn Jónsson, supporter of the Independence Party and castigator of all things Eva Joly, denouncing [um, too polite a word] the good lady and the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office on his private television station, INN. I doubt if such […] Read more

Population trivia from the second quarter

Here we have some population stats from the third quarter of this year that some of you may find interesting.* At the end of the third quarter of this year, precisely 318,200 people resided in Iceland. This is 300 more than at the end of the second quarter. There were 160,000 men and 158,200 women. […] Read more