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February 2010

Apartment for rent!

If anyone is looking for a short-term rental in a PRIME location in downtown Reykjavík, I happen to know of a great little studio apartment that is available from 4 March to 1 June this year. [There is a wee bit of flexibility possible with those dates.] It’s 39 square metres, has a little kitchenette […] Read more

Utterly fascinating interview on Silfur Egils today with a man named John Christensen, who runs an organization called Tax Justice Network. Christensen, an economist, is an expert in tax havens. He’s originally from Jersey [one of the main tax havens in the world] and worked for several years as an advisor to the Jersey government. […] Read more

Penis Mall is up for grabs!

Um, metaphorically speaking. Ladies and Gents: Penis Mall, one of Niceland’s most famous landmarks, not to mention the one with the Greatest Hits Ever on the IWR, will be listed for sale in the coming weeks. Smáralind, aka Penis Mall, was once owned by Baugur Group, right around the time they started on their inflated […] Read more

“We don’t speak to the foreign press”

I encountered a really bizarre incident this morning. I’m currently working on a very interesting project that involves investigating the effect of the kreppa on the “normal person” in Iceland. To that end I got in touch with one of the oldest and most established charities in Iceland – Mæðrastyrksnefnd – which was founded in […] Read more

Curious development this evening. A classified document was leaked from the American Embassy in Reykjavík describing a meeting between Icelandic officials from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs with Embassy officials. The Icelanders’ agenda was to secure support from the US government in the Icesave matter. The US was, by all appearances, rather blasé about the […] Read more

Last night it was announced that the time limit for those implicated in the Black Report [aka the fact-finding report into the bank collapse] to respond to the allegations made against them had been extended. Apparently ten days just wasn’t enough for those poor people to read through what they had allegedly done and come […] Read more

In support of good news about Iceland

I just want to give a quick shout-out to a group of people who have been making a film about the financial crisis in Iceland and are trying to raise funds to finish it. The film is called The Future of Hope and they’ve launched it on Kickstarter, where they’ve also posted a trailer.* The […] Read more

The über-simple Icesave solution

So, members of the Icelandic negotiating committee sent over to London for talks on THE BLOB Icesave seem a bit more cheerful than they were two days ago. Apparently the Icelandic negotiators are pushing the argument that the Icelandic nation will likely reject the Icesave bill in the upcoming referendum on March 6 [and that’s […] Read more

Lazytown pedophilia sex show

Heheh, here’s the joke of the day: a forum called Landover Baptist Church, which by all appearances is a spoof on far-right Christian groups in the US [unless I’m horribly mistaken], has a thread with the above title* in which forum members flail about in indignation over [Icelandic show] LazyTown. It’s pretty hilarious, but even […] Read more

Icesave, starring THE BLOB

So, Iceland has a new Icesave negotiating committee that headed over to London today for talks. The Ministry of Finance sent out a press release so dry it crackles. Subject: The Icesave issue discussed in London Press release No. 5/2010 The negotiation committee representing the Icelandic government met today with representatives of the UK and […] Read more