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April 2010

Your favourite song to lighten your mood?

Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember that EPI belongs to a listening club, and every year that listening club throws a gala dinner to which the wives are invited. It’s a grand affair, and one of the stipulations is that everyone must choose a song – according to a […] Read more

Verifying the validity of the Black Report

One of the more interesting aspects of the Black Report is that it is such an easy read. Many people here feared that it would be filled with jargon and legalese, but that’s not the case at all. It’s written in language clearly aimed at the man in the street, and peppered with lots of […] Read more


Finally, FINALLY, a freezing order has been imposed on the assets of two of Iceland’s [former] moguls – Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson and Hannes Smárason. There has been much talk lately about the evident mismanagement of funds in FL Group, of which Hannes Smárason was CEO and which was a subsidiary of Baugur Group. The issue […] Read more

The beginning of the end?

So Kastljós this evening had a fascinating eyewitness report of their cameraman driving through the ash cloud and back again. It was an unusual sort of segment for Kastljós, more like a visual blog post – very personal. You can watch it here [at least for the next two weeks] — even if you don’t […] Read more

Anatomy of a volcano III

Hey everyone, this just in from Mike Richards, our resident volcanologist: Hi folks, The latest on the eruption is that it seems to be settling down to a more ‘Icelandic’ style of eruption. The huge ash falls of the last few days are dwindling and most of the stuff coming out of the crater is […] Read more

Black Report: Let the cleansing begin

I don’t think I can overstate just how important the publication of the fact-finding report into the bank collapse [aka the Black Report] is for this nation. It’s our own truth commission report, and already it’s causing major waves. Eva Joly, in an interview with DV last weekend, said: … I would like to emphasize […] Read more

Latest update from Volcanoland

So I did not get off the rock this morning as intended, as both my flight to Copenhagen and the connecting flight to Brussels had been cancelled. Which is just fine — to be perfectly honest I would have been slightly nervous about flying even if it had gone ahead. Seriously, I prefer remaining here […] Read more

So, last week sure was a crazy week, huh? On Monday the eagerly-awaited Black Report was published to vast critical acclaim. Yet barely did we have the time to wrap our minds around the revelations in the report before Eyjafjallajökull started erupting and all of a sudden practically all of Europe was grounded! So the […] Read more

The kids are all right

Well it’s been a beautiful day here in Reykjavík, clear and sunny and bright, if a little cold … and honestly, if I wasn’t following the news I would have NO idea that a volcano was erupting some 150 km east of here. Much less that all of Europe had been thrown into chaos because […] Read more

Eva Joly on the Black Report

Eva Joly is in town for her regular consultation with the Office of the Special Prosecutor. She was interviewed on Kastljós yesterday evening and gave her views on the Black Report [a.k.a. the fact-finding report into the bank collapse], among other things. Mme Joly is very impressed with the report, she feels it is “courageous” […] Read more