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July 2010

A couple of weeks ago, EPI and I decided to go out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. After brief deliberation we decided on Tapas barinn, since we’d heard good things about it lately. I mention that because, well, we tried it when it first opened around 2002 or thereabouts, and were decidedly underwhelmed. […] Read more

Behind the volcano

This guest post comes from Elisa, an American expat living in Reykjavík, who writes the beautiful blog Reykjavík Harbor Watch. I’ve long been a fan of her writing, and am so pleased she agreed to contribute to the IWR. — Stale tire air, bugs in your hair, it’s summertime in the Icelandic highlands. One of […] Read more


The first delightful guest to post on this site is Hildigunnur, who has been reading and commenting here for almost as long as I can remember — and who many of you will surely recognize [as it were]. Hildigunnur writes the blog Computernerd Composer, whose title should give you a pretty good idea of her […] Read more

On the magical energy of Snæfellsnes

So, I left off in the last post where we’d just stepped off a fabulous cruise around Breiðafjörður bay that was part of the Wonders of Snæfellsnes with Cruise tour. Time to get back on our mini-bus and circumvent circumnavigate the Snæfellsnes peninsula. We headed westward, in the direction of the Snæfellsnes glacier. As we […] Read more

The wonders of Snæfellsnes, with cruise

A few days ago, EPI and I decided to hop on a Reykjavík Excursions tour called The Wonders of Snæfellsnes with Cruise — which to my mind sounded seriously intriguing. Particularly since every single cruise I’ve taken in Icelandic waters in recent years has been absolutely magical. Especially in good weather. For those who don’t […] Read more

What’s in a name

Every now and again I get someone asking me about the name of this blog. Something along the lines of What kind of stupid idiotic name is Iceland Weather Report, when your blog is all about politics or economics or magical locations you can find in Iceland, and nothing about the weather? Well, there’s a […] Read more

Quirky Icelandic phrases

Just for fun, I think I’ll start a series of posts called Quirky Icelandic Phrases. Maybe throw in the odd idiom or two. OK, here’s idiosyncratic phrase number one: whenever someone has been out in the sun and has developed a bit of a tan, people will say to him / her: “You’ve taken some […] Read more

Smorgasbord of goodies coming up

I’m going to be doing some travelling over the next while, and have enlisted some wonderful bloggers to help write posts while I’m gone. I’m pretty excited about this because they are all people I respect and whose writing I enjoy very much. They had a completely free choice of topic, the only stipulation being […] Read more

No eros please, we’re Icelandic

One of the most bizarre news items of recent days is the one about how Icelandic authorities have refused to take the cider Tempt into sale because they feel the packaging is too lascivious. Certainly the Tempt Cider people clearly have a fondness for burlesque, and of course using sex in marketing commonplace products is […] Read more

Nighttime dips

AAH arrived home from work at around 1.15 in the morning last night and announced she was going swimming. Saywhat? Yup indeed, turns out that Laugardalslaug is offering nighttime swimming all this week. In other words, they’re open 24/7. Admission costs ISK 1,000 as opposed to the regular ISK 300 or so. This 24/7 trend […] Read more