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July 2012

Two evenings ago, EPI headed east to the town of Hveragerði [known to some as “Hurdygurdy”] to check out a restaurant that has been called “Iceland’s best-kept secret” – a place called Kjöt og kúnst. It was so secret, in fact, that I did not know about it until just recently [and I delude myself […] Read more

The real media scare. Lest we forget.

The DV editorial today is about the silencing that takes place in Icelandic society, specifically in the media. It provides a needed refresher of how things were here before the crash, when the media was owned by the oligarchs who went on to virtually bankrupt the country: For example, many ministers from the Independence Party […] Read more

So the outcome of yesterday’s presidential election is now clear. Incumbent President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson came out on top with nearly 53% of the votes. Þóra Arnórsdóttir, his closest competitor, received just over 33%. Voter turnout was 69%. I am disappointed. Very. Back in 2009, after the Kitchenware Revolution and the subsequent collapse of the […] Read more