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On Iceland’s First Lady and her affinities

As I’ve alluded to in this space before, the Icelandic nation has generally been delighted with its first lady, Dorrit Mousaieff. After all, what’s not to love? She’s attractive and sweet, made an effort to learn Icelandic [she’s Israeli by birth], has a knack for getting down with the common folk, and looks very fetching in […] Read more

Stuck on an Icelandic highway

Yesterday I posted a somewhat cryptic status on the Facebook page about our car breaking down on Ring Road 1. I realized soon enough [even before one of our loyal readers requested more info] that I hadn’t provided very much detail. So, for anyone who is left wondering what exactly happened, here is the story. […] Read more

Icelandic Vodafone springs a leak

What an eventful day it has been here in the Land of the Nice. It all started with the news that the Vodafone Iceland website had been hacked and “sensitive information” about thousands of customers had been appropriated and subsequently leaked onto the intertubes. I don’t think anyone was too concerned [especially given the nonplussed […] Read more

With everything that’s been happening here in Iceland recently [and believe me, a lot has gone down recently], many people – largely from outside Iceland, but also people who live here – are wondering why we don’t just go out and start a new Kitchenware Revolution. Why we don’t just oust these jokers from office, […] Read more

Last weekend there was an amazing interview in Fréttatíminn with a Bosnian woman named Ranka Inga Studic who came to Iceland in 1998. Reporters from RÚV went to Bosnia and happened to interview her for Kastljós – a harrowing interview, in which she described the conditions in which she lived. An Icelandic woman who lived […] Read more

A few weeks ago, the Department of Humanities at the University of Iceland launched a contest to find the most beautiful word in the Icelandic language. [And in case you’re experiencing a deja vu moment right now – yes, this is something that is periodically done here in the Land of the Nice. We Icelanders […] Read more

The dreaded requirement of showering naked

There was a pretty interesting report the other day on RÚV about the thing that tourists to Iceland dread the most on coming here: having to get naked in the shower before entering any of our numerous swimming pools. Here in Iceland we are so used to showering naked among strangers at the swimming pool […] Read more

And the winner of the review raffle is …

A little over a week ago I wrote a post asking people if they could find the time to review my books on Amazon, and offering a small incentive in the form of a signed copy of The Little Book of the Icelanders that all reviewers would have a chance to win. Those who posted […] Read more

Exit the clowns

So, Reykjavík Mayor Jón Gnarr has decided not to run for re-election next spring. He announced his decision this morning. He also announced that the Best Party, which he fronted, will cease to exist. Its members who wish to continue in politics will join a party called Björt framtíð [Bright Future], which basically grew out […] Read more

So the campaign for next spring’s Reykjavík elections is off to a roaring start, with endless sponsored posts and pages on Facebook for this candidate or other. The election promises are already flying, too, with one Independence Party rep promising better weather in Reykjavík if he gets elected. And lest you think this is modelled […] Read more