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April 2013

What went wrong in Iceland

In the wake of yesterday’s election results, a lot of people – especially abroad – are scratching their heads, perplexed about what actually went wrong in Iceland. After all, we had a “people’s revolt” four years ago, a government took over that was supposed to change everything, and reports of Iceland’s miraculous economic recovery have […] Read more

If you’re reading this, you probably know that we had elections here in Iceland yesterday.* The last time I posted, we were pretty sure that the Progressive Party was going to bag these elections, as they were leading quite substantially in the polls. In the end, however, the Independence Party – the main culprit in […] Read more

This coming Saturday, Icelanders head to the polls in national elections. The last elections, four years ago, were historic. We had just had an economic meltdown, and the previous government had collapsed. People’s fury was reflected at polls, with the Independence Party – the party that had ruled Iceland for the previous 18 years – […] Read more

These days RÚV is running a series of debates with the political parties in the running for the upcoming elections. Each debate focuses on a theme, and last night the theme was was natural resources and environmental issues. It may come as a surprise to some people that tourism falls under this category – although […] Read more

We’ve got elections coming up here in Iceland, and consequently there is a lot of activity in the political arena. Amazingly we’re also seeing some monumental changes – things that most people had not even dreamed of. Last night was one such happening. RÚV [Icelandic National Broadcaster] is the main election coverage medium and they’re […] Read more