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June 2013

Some of you may be familiar with the quota system here in Iceland – whereby fishing rights were allocated to a group of individuals [dubbed the “quota kings” or “quota barons”] who subsequently became extremely wealthy by exploiting a natural resource that should, by rights, belong to the Icelandic nation as a whole. Initially the […] Read more

Some extremely alarming news today: the Hellisheiðavirkjun power plant is falling short of its production capacity, and the implications are dire. A bit of context: Hellisheiðavirkjun is a geothermal power plant – i.e. it harnesses steam from the ground. Those of you who have been to Iceland may well have seen it – when you drive […] Read more

My new book is in the stores!

So I’ve had the cover photo of my new book pasted in the sidebar since last March, but as yet I haven’t written a proper post about it. I can’t say why, exactly … except maybe because I wrote about it on my other blog and felt it was kind of redundant to write about […] Read more