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September 2013

Emergency in the Icelandic medical sector

Last Friday, the CEO of The National University Hospital of Iceland [Landspitali], Björn Zoega, tendered his resignation. He has stalwartly remained on the front lines of the grim health care cutbacks that this country has seen in the last five years – a job I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Needless to say, his actions have often […] Read more

Five years ago today

On September 29, 2008, EPI and I had just come home from a holiday in Croatia. He went to work, then called me just after 9 am and told me that my bank, Glitnir, had collapsed. I was speechless. Up to that time I had it had been my absolute conviction that banks were like […] Read more

And now a Facebook follower is blocked

Oh for crying out loud! Now Facebook has blocked a follower of the IWR page for a remark she made in response to this. Her offending remark was: For this, she has now been put in the doghouse. I don’t know what’s happening over there at Facebook, but something is seriously off.

So our new minister for the environment and natural resources, Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, has decided to revoke legislation for the protection of Iceland’s nature that was passed in parliament last spring, before his government took office. The legislation took four years to write, and was designed to offer stronger protection for Icelandic nature than had […] Read more

Foreign cat on the loose in Reykjavík!

Oh dear oh DEAR. A black cat [with a white spot on its chest] escaped from a plane today at Reykjavík airport. The plane was en route from Denmark to the USA. The poor thing is now wandering the streets of Reykjavík, thinking that America is nothing like the pictures. All joking aside, though, this […] Read more

Roadside egg shop

You know what I love? I love it when people trust you to buy their stuff without them even being there. I know there are roadside markets like this one abroad, but this is the first one I’ve seen in Iceland. AAH and I were driving home from a cottage yesterday, and this is what we […] Read more

The road ahead

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post and offered encouragement and kind words. It’s very nice to be back in this space and to [re-]connect with both “current” and “old” friends. After that last episode with Facebook, I have been evaluating the way in which to proceed with my Iceland updates. […] Read more

Blocked from Facebook!

Update: the person in question contacted me and denied reporting the comment. He further said he had removed all of his comments on the thread because “… it became clear to me your page a was a forum for angry people to vent and I wanted no part of that.” According to him, people have been […] Read more

Why Iceland’s economy has not recovered

Iceland has a new news magazine called Kjarninn, which was launched by a couple of journalists who were the victim of a “purging” undertaken by the owners of Fréttablaðið a few months ago, when they disliked the way their journos were reporting news about them. Anyway, Kjarninn is apparently produced on a shoestring (though there […] Read more