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May 2014

The ones that got away

One of my favourite columnists, Guðmundur Andri Thorsson, writes a brilliant piece in Fréttablaðið today called “Á Íslendingaslóðum” which may be loosely translated as “Where the Icelanders Are”. It begins: The old [Icelandic] folk stories tend to begin with a man who is chasing sheep up on some mountain. He gets lost, winds up in a fog and […] Read more

Last week I posted a picture on our Facebook page of the contents of an envelope I received from the company Decode Genetics, in which they kindly request that I give them a sample of my DNA. I made some glib remark about swabbing the dog, but didn’t really explain the full story. Basically it is […] Read more

Those of you who follow our Facebook page may recall me mentioning that a new right-of-centre political party was in the works, and would be launched just after Easter. Well, it hasn’t been formally launched yet BUT a website has been opened where people can join, as well as choose whether or not they wish to […] Read more