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April 2015

Dramatic clouds over Reykjavík

In line with my new experimentation in keeping this blog updated, I’ve decided to post a picture once a week, with a wee bit of commentary. Something from the archives, but which tells a story. We start with this: I would like to tell you that I sat and waited hours for this picture, posed with […] Read more

Factoids about the Icelanders 2

In 18th century Iceland the church passed a decree that children HAD to know how to read and write. [Likely so they could more easily incorporate the teachings of the church.] The local minister regularly made the rounds and tested the children, and if he found their education lacking, he could [and would] remove them […] Read more

Facts about the Icelanders 1

Those readers who [closely] follow our Iceland Weather Report Facebook page will undoubtedly have noticed that recently I have been posting little tidbits of information about the Icelanders under the heading “trivia”. Happily, people really seem to like those little bits of info, and a number of people have urged me to keep posting them – which I […] Read more