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About the Icelanders 7: weird phone book professions

Speaking of the phone book: did you know that, in Iceland, your profession is listed in the phone book, and you can make that profession be whatever you want?

superhero-call-out-signs-1-728By which I mean: you don’t have to show up with proof of your profession if you want it to be listed in the phone book.

You see where this is going, right? Yep, there are some very strange professions listed in the Icelandic phone book. Right now I am counting 24 lion tamers, three daredevils, 24 astronauts [as far as I know, no Icelander has ever made it into space, so clearly this is pre-emptory], three party animals, eight aliens from outer space, two hen whisperers, 23 merrymakersthe list could go on.

And so, if you want to fulfill your wildest childhood dreams to be known as a superhero, rocker, movie star or whatever, all you have to do is move to Iceland and get yourself listed in the phone book. You’re welcome. 

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