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And a very big chunk we’re going to take out of it, too

So we’re all geared up for our trip to the Big Apple tomorrow – meaning that, in true Nicelandic fashion, we’ve got two mammoth, half-empty suitcases lined up, ready to be filled.

It’s the modern-day version of the Viking raid.

If by chance we have any time left over, we may pop in to see an exhibition or two. Maybe even a concert.

Our timing is perfect, because today was awfully blustery and, well, downright cold. Whereas tomorrow, with any luck, we will be walking around in short sleeves and sandals. Oh, bliss! Incidentally, have I mentioned that getting out of Iceland about once a year is absolutely essential to one’s mental health? Truly, it is. Currently 6°C [43F] and the sun rose at 6.46 am, set at 7.58 pm.