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Another fascinating post about Operation Extermination

Spare a thought for poor EPI, who for over a week now has returned home from work to daily reports about the body count chez YT. That’s right: rather than being greeted at the door by a loving wife wanting to hear all about his day, he is bombarded with detailed updates of the silverfish casualty list, including how many were found in the bathroom or the pantry, the precise locations of the discoveries, and the degree to which the individual bugs were alive or dead.

It’s a fascinating subject, and one of which I never grow tired. EPI is not quite so enthusiastic – although being a good sport he will indulge me by lending an ear, so long as I make sure my reports do not coincide with the subject of food entering his mouth. That’s where he draws the line. It’s a satisfactory agreement, and one we have grown quite adept at keeping, I daresay.

The poison used by the pest control people has no smell and is not visible in any way, save for the fact that the silverfish come out of their hiding places at night, crawl all over it, and presto! are too weak to crawl back in. Which [according to the PCP, who were consulted for an explanation] is why we keep seeing them during the day. It’s not the most delightful sight to behold – but I will tell you that a weak, floundering silverfish is a lot less icky than a creepy, slithery one [as Rozanne so succinctly put it in the comments a few posts back]. Somehow they manage to lose the creep factor when they cease to slither. [Hm. Someone should do a study.]

So now I’m happy to report that I saw the last live silverfish yesterday morning, and have not seen a single one since – not even last night when I stumbled home after a wedding party [kidding! about the stumbling – I actually crawled – no, not really] in the middle of the night, when it was pitch dark and I switched on the light in the pantry. Which has to mean that every last one has come out of its hiding place, and has now been killed by the horrible colourless, smellless toxins lining our walls. Right?

Sunny spells, interspersed with showers, and westerly winds. Went out for a run this afternoon and it was quite bracing, what with the sharp sea air and the hint of autumn crispness in the air. It’s currently 9°C [50F] – the sun rose at 6:32 am and sunset was at 8:16 pm.

NB I realize I may come across extremely gleeful about all the dead silvefish, but I assure you I’m not. I don’t like having all this death in my house. I just happen like it more than the alternative, as I’ve explained before.



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