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Ask a question, help YT recover her mojo

Ladies and gents, it’s that time of year again: YT’s blog mojo has gone AWOL. It generally happens in the early spring [why?], and it seems equally dire every time. I can’t think of a single interesting thing to write about, I think this blog sucks lemons and get all oh what’s the point because people aren’t leaving me comments and stuff. I hate the layout and it bothers me no end that there isn’t, like, a focus to these ramblings. My content is not specific enough, and that’s probably why I don’t have a zillion subscribers, because I’m not giving my readers what they want. And even if I were giving my readers what they want, what would be the point anyway? What the hell am I doing this for? Is blogging dead??


So at this point I’m kind of tempted to ask for feedback, but I’ve done that before and know that most respondents will be polite and say things like “I like it just the way it is” and “just keep doing what you’re doing”, and that’s because they’re lovely people and probably don’t want to hurt my feelings. So instead, I’m going to invite you to ask me a question. Something you’ve had in the back of your mind while reading this blog, something you’ve perhaps been hoping to find the answer to, but haven’t … or just whatever pops into your mind. I promise to respond, will post my answers in a separate post, although I do reserve the right not to answer questions that I find too invasive, or to say “I don’t know” if I really don’t know.*

That way I can perhaps better understand what you’re thinking when you read this. It may even help me get my mojo back.

Which is what the Nicelanders call it when it looks amazing from the window, but you freeze your bitz off when you go outside. There has been not a cloud in the sky, but we’ve had a killer wind and temps around the freezing mark that feel like, oh, -20°C. Yesterday EPI and I went out for a walk [of course we picked the most badass-wind location in all of the capital area, like we always do] and it was so cold that by the time we got halfway around the golf course EPI offered to run and get the car so I wouldn’t have to walk all the way [because he’s the sweetest]. Anyway, I got up this morning and looked in the mirror and I looked like freaking Rudolph with the red shiny nose because when I’m in bright sunshine my nose turns all red while the rest of my face doesn’t. [Note to self: pick up some of that stuff that lifeguards use.] Temps right now 2°C [36F] and sunrise was at 6:52 am, sunset at 8:14 pm.

* Please, no anonymous questions, and just one question per comment.