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Bandwidth blues

Just a quickie post to sincerely apologize to anyone who was trying to access the site yesterday and instead of the IWR front page got a big, fat THIS BLOG HAS RUN OUT BANDWIDTH banner [or something equally nasty].

Normally my web host starts bombarding me with emails when I’m up to 80 percent of my bandwidth limit, at which time I swiftly respond by adding some more. This time there was not a single email so I continued on my merry way completely oblivious to the imminent catastrophe brewing back at the Weather Report.

Obviously when I discovered what had happened I sent the web host an angry ROAR by email [hope they had their volume turned way up when they opened it] — at which time it was discovered that they had indeed sent those emails but alas! they had not been delivered to my account. I won’t bore you with the details [ok ok – it’s because I use Google Apps for email and when they transferred me to another server a couple of weeks ago that info somehow got lost so they sent the emails directly to the mailbox on the server instead of through Apps … told you it was boring] but in any case, it’s all fixed now.

This is my first day back at work and I have about 1000 things that need my attention, but I’ll post again very soon about my amazing weekend at the SKUP conference in Norway and all the incredible people I met there.

So different from beautiful Norge with its endless evergreen forests and gentle rolling hills [at least where I was]. Mt. Esja looked astonishingly beautiful this morning, formidable in its white cloak with charcoal details, half obscured by a distant blizzard. Forbidding yet comforting, endlessly solid, as one bank after another teeters and falls. As some of you may have seen on my Twitter feed [in the sidebar], another three banks [savings banks this time] collapsed while I was away. Right now it’s 3°C [37F], sunrise was at 7.14 am and sunset due for 7.55 pm.